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BBB focuses on Tucson photo studio

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Better Business Bureau

BBB focuses on Tucson photo studio

The Better Business Bureau of Southern Arizona is alerting consumers about Pure Shot Action Photography — formerly Xanadu Productions — a Tucson-based photography company that has received eight complaints since November.

All the complaints have been filed by the parents of children who ordered team photos as part of a youth football league in the Phoenix area this past fall. In the complaints, parents allege the packages they received were either missing photos, the photos were very poor quality, or both.

Last year BBB issued an alert about Xanadu Productions, also owned by Pure Shot Action Photography principal Wyatt Hironimus, and located at the same Pima St. office as Pure Shot Action Photography.

The complaints filed against Xanadu Productions are extremely similar to the complaints filed against Pure Shot Photography; the main difference being that complaints against Xanadu Productions were filed by consumers in Tucson.

One Phoenix-area mom told BBB that she ordered photos from Pure Shot Action Photography in the middle of September, but has still not received all the photos she ordered.

"Where's my photos? It's now December and I've only received half my order," said Monica Hall, who ordered photos for her two sons. "There's a huge customer service issue with the fact that I've left 10-15 voicemails [for Pure Shot Action Photography] and haven't heard anything back.

Consumers in both Phoenix and Tucson who did receive at least part of their orders from Wyatt Hironimus' photography studio complain to BBB that many of the pictures are of poor quality.

"The pictures' paper quality was very bad, and the coloring was all off," said Caroline Barragan, whose son participated in a Tucson youth football league in the fall of 2010. "My son is Hispanic and the pictures made him look like he had rosacea on his face."

Barragan told BBB that after a month of trying to reach Hironimus she finally got a face-to-face meeting with him, but he refused to refund any of the $154 Barragan had paid for the photos.

"I've printed photos at Walgreens and the photo quality, and the quality of the paper was better," she said. "I even paid for two plaques that they never delivered to me; I would just prefer they gave me my money back."

Annette Corraels- a Tucson mom- said she was in "disbelief" when she received the pictures she ordered in the fall of 2010 and saw how poor the photo quality was.
"My son's pictures were green," she said. "He looked like the Hulk."

Pure Shot Action Photography/Xanadu Productions, 5915 E Pima St., has received eighteen complaints — including seven pending complaints — since last year. BBB was also unable to reach Hironimus for a comment, despite leaving messages, and speaking with employees.

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