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Suspected drug smugglers sought

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Suspected drug smugglers sought

Detectives search for 3 linked to Moreno drug-smuggling group

  • Christian Palacios
    Department of Public SafetyChristian Palacios
  • Julio Alavarado Yanez
    Department of Public SafetyJulio Alavarado Yanez
  • Osvaldo Moreno Herrera
    Department of Public SafetyOsvaldo Moreno Herrera

Authorities are searching for three men accused of being leaders of the Moreno drug-smuggling organization, the Department of Public Safety announced Wednesday.

Christian Palacios, of Phoenix; Julio Alavarado Yanez and Osvaldo Moreno Herrera, both of Mexico, are allegedly part of a smuggling group that has been moving hundreds of pounds of marijuana a week into the Phoenix area, DPS said in a press release.

The group is accused of using armed guards who travel alongside the smugglers from Mexico to spots in the Arizona desert where the drugs are picked up, DPS said.

A Maricopa County grand jury indicted six members of the Moreno group including its alleged ringleader, Ines Moreno, on drug trafficking and weapons charges, DPS said.

Moreno has been deported at least a dozen times while using a Mexican ID that gets him into the United States, DPS said.

DPS said Palacios, Alavarado and Moreno are believed to be hiding either in Mexico or Arizona.

Members of the Moreno group earn up to $80,000 a week for smuggling marijuana into the Phoenix area, DPS said.

Anyone with information on the whereabouts of these three suspects are asked to call local police.

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