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Green light for tickets from Grant/Swan traffic cameras

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Green light for tickets from Grant/Swan traffic cameras

  • One of Tucson's first red light cameras, in 2008.
    housechick/FlickrOne of Tucson's first red light cameras, in 2008.

Errant motorists snapped by the photo enforcement cameras at the intersection of Grant and Swan roads will receive citations beginning Friday.

The red light cameras have been issuing warnings for the past two weeks, said Sgt. Matt Ronstadt, a spokesman for the Tucson Police Department. The cameras are now "fully functional and ready for activation," he said.

Tickets for failure to stop at a red light and speeding while approaching the intersection will be issued beginning at noon. "Warnings will no longer be issued," Ronstadt said in a press release.

Police review all photo enforcement violations before issuing a citation, both those from fixed locations and those captured by the two van-based systems.

"In the event that the reviewing officer cannot determine with certainty that a violation occurred, the motorist is afforded the benefit of the doubt and no citation is issued," Ronstadt said.

"Speeding up to beat a red light is an intentional act and one of the most dangerous driving behaviors that a motorist can engage in," Ronstadt said. "Many intersection-related collisions can be avoided if drivers increase their awareness of their surroundings, avoid distractions while driving, obey posted speed limits, and adopt a "red means stop" as opposed to "yellow means speed up" mentality as they approach intersections."

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