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Thanksgiving is past, and most of the leftovers have been eaten. Black Friday's a memory, and Cyber Monday has come and gone. Now, it's Giving Tuesday: a nationwide annual event to demonstrate holiday spirit by supporting worthy nonprofit groups.

Please show your support with a contribution to your local nonprofit news site: the independent TucsonSentinel.com.

On Giving Tuesday, please join with your fellow readers and support TucsonSentinel.com. Now more than ever, we need solid journalism. We'll put your dollars to work holding politicians accountable, reporting the untold stories of the borderlands, and bringing you and the rest of Southern Arizona nonpartisan independent news without the spin.

Doing real reporting isn't cheap. We invest all of our funding in our work — paying smart reporters and editors to dig up the truth, provide insight, and produce the public-interest journalism that is a vital hallmark of a healthy community.

Reporting from a local perspective is important, but it takes knowledgeable professionals who work hard to bring you (and your neighbors) solid local news with guts and love for Tucson. TucsonSentinel.com is a locally run nonprofit organization, and a recognized leader in local independent online news.

Your contribution will allow us to dig even deeper into Tucson's untold stories — with more watchdog investigations to hold our civic leaders accountable and more coverage that celebrates why we all love our Southern Arizona home. TucsonSentinel.com's independent investigative work takes a lot of time, money and hard work to report — not to mention deep local experience. But we do it because we know it matters — and we know our readers value our efforts.

At TucsonSentinel.com, our job is to bring you the truth. And the truth is, dogged reporting costs money — and keeping a free press free to read for everyone means we need our most loyal readers to pitch in.

That's where you come in.

We count on readers like you to help us pursue these important stories. If you value what we're doing and want to see TucsonSentinel.com continue and grow, please make your gift today.

Donate for #GivingTuesday!

Giving Tuesday is a nationwide effort, showcasing the power of your donations to support good work in our community. The annual online fundraising initiative, set for Tuesday, Nov. 29, is an inspiring opportunity for Arizonans (and supporters around the nation) to join together to make a difference.

From midnight through 11:59 p.m. on Tuesday, your gift will count toward TucsonSentinel.com's Giving Tuesday total.

TucsonSentinel.com, founded in 2009, is a nonprofit local independent online news organization providing unbiased professional reporting and engaging community conversation.

Give your gift today: Your year-end tax-deductible gift will help our dogged reporters continue to deliver the watchdog journalism you expect from TucsonSentinel.com.

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A smarter Tucson is a better Tucson

In a year when Donald Trump's talk about the border made headlines around the nation, our boots-on-the-ground coverage of the wave of undocumented Central Americans, allegations of mistreatment by Border Patrol, and the stream of drug busts has given a deep look at the subject.

We helped hold politicians accountable, digging into what's going on behind closed doors at the Pima County Board of Supervisors, at the Tucson Unified School District, with candidates breaking campaign finance rules, and mapping out the road ahead for your taxes (and road construction).

We've done all that with work by border reporter Paul Ingram, business reporter Betty Beard, sports correspondents Ted Prezelski and Daniel Gaona, political columnist/analyst Blake Morlock, investigations by Dylan Smith, and more.

We count on readers like you to help us pursue these important stories. If you value what we're doing and want to see TucsonSentinel.com continue and grow, please make a donation.

Like what you're reading? Support high-quality local journalism and help underwrite independent news without the spin.

Did you know?

Many people aren't aware that there are hundreds of journalists who are no longer reporting, right here in Tucson. Continuing layoffs and shutdowns at chain newspapers and TV stations mean there are many fewer watchdogs than a decade ago. Across the United States, there are 30 percent fewer reporters in newsrooms than there used to be — that's about 20,000 fewer journalists keeping us all in the know.

We're helping to bridge that gap, with solid reporting that's gained attention — not just in Tucson, but across the country — for being accurate and comprehensive.

Help us become even more effective! We need even more watchdogs, and your support of our local nonprofit organization is needed.

We're deeply grateful to those readers and local underwriters who already invest in our work. What we do simply would not be possible without the individual support of so many. But there's much more work that needs to be done, many more stories that need to be told.

Local indie online news

Why is your support so important? TucsonSentinel.com is part of a nationwide movement that's returning local news to its roots while leveraging new technology to effectively and efficiently create informed communities.

Isn't it good to have a locally run news source that's invested in our community?

At TucsonSentinel.com, we believe strongly in local independent online news. That's why our editor and publisher, Dylan Smith, helped found a national organization, LION Publishers, to help foster other local indie news organizations.

We're LOCAL: News about Tucson should be reported by journalists who know Southern Arizona. National and chain-owned outlets don't have the background to put our news into context. Our reporters and editors are here, our organization is headquartered here, and our longterm success depends on Tucson's success in being an informed community that makes wise decisions. We don't just report on Tucson, we live here and love our community.

We're INDEPENDENT: Too much of what gets called "journalism" is motivated by political viewpoints. We're nonpartisan: our only agenda is the truth. We've dedicated ourselves to reporting that tells you like it is. We're not part of a chain of cookie-cutter outlets, with news decisions dictated from another state. And rather than padding the profits of an out-of-town corporation, we invest in our growing newsroom.

We're ONLINE: TucsonSentinel.com leverages the power of the Internet to bring you breaking news as it happens, and in-depth investigative reports.

We're NEWS: You can find photo galleries of cheerleaders all over the Internet. Whether it's bringing you the news before it's history or providing long-form journalism, we deliver insightful reporting that's relevant to readers.

TucsonSentinel.com helps provide the news needed to understand, enjoy and effect change in Tucson. We're committed to making quality news accessible; we'll never set up a paywall or charge for our site. But we rely on your gifts to bring independent news without the spin to everyone in Tucson.

We need an alert watchdog - now more than ever

Journalism is an vital public service in a democracy. Investigative reporting uncovers injustice, exposes corruption and holds officials accountable. Community reporting celebrates the unique nature of Tucson's people, reflecting our sense of place through a knowing lens.

We aim to provide both: to point out the things we all love about Southern Arizona, and point to possible solutions for what needs changing. We believe that just as an unexamined life is not worth living, an unexamined city is not worth living in. A smarter Tucson is a better Tucson.

We produce rigorous reporting that explains complex issues, holds the powerful accountable and provides a voice to all who live in Southern Arizona. We tell thoughtful stories that would otherwise go untold. Importantly, we take the time to put the news into context, providing the local perspective that's missing from mass-produced parachute journalism and canned coverage.

Make your tax-deductible gift today, or sign up for a recurring subscription to invest in our work each month.

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