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Note: This story is more than 10 years old.

Why Az high court let Pearce recall proceed

Arizona's state Supreme Court released a ruling Monday, explaining why it let the recall election of now-ex Sen. Russell Pearce move forward.

The justices explained that "this Court has interpreted constitutional and statutory provisions governing recall liberally to protect the public’s right to recall its officials," given the legislative history of the recall provision.

The court shot down a suit to stop the recall election, dismissing claims that the petition-gathering process was flawed.

"The delegates to the Constitutional Convention of 1910 were willing to risk statehood over a robust recall system that subjected every official to removal.... Adopting a standard that makes it more difficult for the public to remove its own officers would frustrate this historical intent. Seeing no reason to abandon 86 years of precedent and 100 years of commitment to popular recall" the court upheld a precedent that petitions must "substantially comply" with the legal standards.

The court further held that recall petitions need not lay out specific legal grounds for removing an officer.

"Voters may attempt to remove an officer for whatever reasons they choose," the decision said.

Pearce was removed from office last week, when voter in his Mesa district cast their ballots for conservative Republican Jerry Lewis by a margin of 12 percent.

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Nov 14, 2011, 2:27 pm
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Amid the nearly $15 Trillion dollar U.S. treasury deficit, the 12 special politicians are scrambling to cut back on uncontrollable spending, why we not saving some of this money by stopping welfare benefits to illegal aliens? We can accomplish some instant cutbacks, by removing the encouragement, that criminal business have brought upon the average American worker, by displacing them with foreigners from other countries. Itís not like we don’t have our own share of poverty, but when the government-sponsored invasion has allowed this continuing for decades. Most every law to discourage illegal immigration has been tabled in Congress, or it has never collected enough sponsors to reach the floor. When I read a very thorough analysis by the Conservative think tank ‘The Heritage Foundation’ that illegal aliens were being subsidized to the unheard amount of $113 Billion tax dollars annually, then I knew that the Liberal progressives, Democrats and political class Republicans were behind this disgusting behavior. NO wonder the political perpetrators had never enacted illegal entry as a FELONY; instead it is even less than a misdemeanor?

Nov 14, 2011, 2:25 pm
-2 +0

We have become a dumping pit for incompetent governments for their 20 million unauthorized aliens. Incidentally, President Obama in his wisdom, with I’m sure from inside and outside influence to introduce some policy that illegal aliens were now classed as—undocumented immigrants. Well I will not oblige him in my commentary, even if the Liberal press writes in their columns, that all illegal aliens are now just immigrants? Guess this is the lefts push for strengthening their ‘Political Correctness’ agenda, which has been forced on every America? Except that the TEA PARTY knows better and that foreign aliens will be even more alienated after more authentic TEA PARTY Representatives, slide into Senate and Congressional seats by the time of the Presidential race in 2012. It’s almost laughable that the rabble ‘Occupy’ in city centers have been identified with the TEA PARTY—of course by our countries subversives and Liberal extremists. We are nothing like these people and shouldnít be associated with any of this mob rule. The TEA PARTY doesnít build tent cities, leave mounds of garbage, rape, kill or cause mayhem on the streets.


Itís time to look at this bipartisan spending spree and that includes illegal immigration. THE ISSUE OF ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION HAS BECOME EQUALLY PREDOMINANT AS OUR LIFELESS ECONOMY, THAT IT IS A COST WE DONĒT NEED AND CANNOT AFFORD. A TEA PARTY CONGRESS SHOULD START WITH A THOROUGH RE-DESIGN OF THE BORDER BARRIER, WHICH IS A DOUBLE LAYER FENCE, AND A RIGOROUS NATIONWIDE SWEEP OF BUSINESSES WHO ARE VIOLATING HIRING LAWS.  This doesnít include the immigrants that have proved by their highly skilled experience should be no admitted to settle, work. This country will always need people with substantial credentials in Science, math and engineering. Not the uneducated that are still streaming across our undermanned border. We can certainly stop the grim rising statistics of drunken driving, drug cartel criminals spilling over the border region and the endless tracks of impoverished people contributing to our own peopleís poverty. Whether itís by international jet or across the Southern border, 300 thousand pregnant women are arriving and cannot be detected. These females know the loopholes and become mostly permanent squatters in America, a foothold child with instant citizenship. The schools, education, healthcare are all forced federal mandates, left for this nations taxpayer to support. The Tea Party doesnít support Sanctuary Cities or States, the Dream Acts or any Amnesty or Immigration Reform policies.

Nov 14, 2011, 2:24 pm
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The open-borders bloggers and pro-illegal alien organizations are suggesting that the recall of Arizona state senator Russell Pearce means the beginning of the end for state efforts across the country to stop illegal aliens from taking jobs and taxpayer-provided benefits. And some of our allies in other state legislatures are even asking if they should feel vulnerable Pearce was beaten by Jerry Lewis, another Republican, who won with about 53% of the vote. If the challenge to Pearce had happened during a regular election year, it is doubtful that nearly as much open-borders money and energy could have been funneled solely to this recall effort. That alone might easily have made the difference in election results. All of this is to say that it took some very special circumstances to engineer Pearce’s defeat. Roy Beck of the pro-sovereignty NumbersUSA stated ‚ÄúI see nothing in the highly individualized circumstances of Pearce’s unfortunate election loss last week that should cause other elected leaders to pull back from their duty to protect the American workers and taxpayers in their jurisdictions from reckless lawlessness by the federal officials who refuse to fully enforce our immigration rules.‚ÄĚ

E-VERIFY—Lamar Smith’s Legal Workforce Act (H.R.2885) would require 100% of companies‚ÄĒlarge and small—to use E-Verify for all new hires within 2 years. This bill would also require all federal, state, and local agencies as well as federal and state contractors/ sub-contractors and critical infrastructure sites to use E-Verify within 6 months; eliminating the majority of illegal alien workers from the 8.5 jobs they are holding in this country.  Increase employer penalties and fines for knowingly hiring illegal alien workers. Require the Social Security Administration to send no-match letters to employers if existing employee’s name and social security number don’t match in their system. Require the Social Security Administration to notify owners of a Social Security number if their number is used multiple times.

Phone the Washington switchboard at 202-224-3121 and they can direct you to all House Representatives responsible for moving Chairman Lamar Smith’s ‚ÄėLegal Workforce Act‚Äô (bill H.R.2885) to the House floor. Make a judgment for yourself and study more about the illegal alien occupation, which has caused major financial disruption issues in every nook throughout America. By going to NumbersUSA web site the truth is available instead of reading the devious repressed information from the two party system.

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State Senate President Russell Pearce was recalled last week.