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Note: This story is more than 5 years old.

McCain & McSally win, incumbents lead Pima Supes races

U.S. Sen. John McCain had an relatively easy re-election win Tuesday, besting U.S. Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick, who had attempted to move up from the House to the Senate. McCain pulled about 53 percent of the vote.

In closely watched local races, challenger Mark Napier was beating incumbent Pima County Sheriff Chris Nanos in early returns, with about 55 percent of the vote.

In a pivotal race for District 3 on the Board of Supervisors, incumbent Sharon Bronson was edging GOP challenger Kim DeMarco with 55 percent, while incumbent Republican Ally Miller narrowly led challenger Brian Bickel 51-49 in early ballot returns.

In Maricopa County, Sheriff Joe Arpaio was defeated in his bid for a seventh term.

Down the ballot, Democratic candidates pushed toward a closer margin in the Arizona Legislature, with state Sen. Steve Farley announcing that he expected to end the night with a 15-15 tie in the upper chamber. Later returns had Republicans tightening the races, with leads in 17 of the 30 seats in the upper chamber. In the closest, incumbent Kate Brophy McGee led Democratic challenger Eric Meyer by about 670 votes in LD 28, which covers northern Phoenix and Paradise Valley.

In Southern Arizona, Rep. Stefanie Mach narrowly trailed Republican challenger Todd Clodfelter in the LD 10 House race. Just 230 votes separated the two Wednesday afternoon, with Democrat Kirsten Engel up about 320 ballots as voters picked two legislative representatives from the district.


In Southern Arizona congressional races, U.S. Rep. Martha McSally led Democratic challenger Matt Heinz, 53-46 percent, with few ballots yet counted in GOP-leaning Cochise County. McSally won her CD2 seat by just 167 votes over Ron Barber in 2014.

Democrat Tom O'Halleran led Paul Babeu, who is stepping down as Pinal County sheriff, in the race to represent the vast CD 1.

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U.S. Rep. Raul Grijalva, a Democrat, faced no other candidates on the ballot in CD 3.

McSally emphasized her experience as an incumbent, her history in the U.S. Air Force and her ability to move legislation through Congress as she spoke to a group of about spoke to a room of 150 supporters on election night at the Viscount Suites on East Broadway.

“The people in this history are divided by a lot of issues,” said McSally, who held a separate election night gathering than the Pima County Republicans. “But I’ve spoken to people myself, and I’ve found that there are far more things that bring us together than put us apart.”

Before finishing her speech, McSally was told that she was leading Heinz by about 6,000 votes. The crowd erupted in applause in response to the numbers, which underscored McSally’s chances in what has historically been a hotly contested seat.

“Let’s break out the champagne!” McSally said in response to the cheers.

McSally later made her way to the county GOP event, where her remarks were interrupted by cheers for a Trump win.

Heinz said he called McSally to concede the election.

"I congratulated her on her victory," he told a subdued group of Democrats, thanking his volunteers. "All of you worked so hard."

"We have a lot of work to do," Heinz said. "So hug your loved ones, hold them tight, and build a bunker," he said, drawing wry chuckles from Democrats wary of Donald Trump's lead in the race.

At the main Republican gathering, Napier attributed his victory to not getting involved in party ideology.

"I didn't want to be the sheriff of the Republicans in Pima County. I wanted to be the sheriff of everybody in Pima County," he said Tuesday night.

Napier said he was especially proud of getting endorsements from Republican Gov. Doug Ducey, the Arizona Daily Star and the Tucson Weekly. He said that shows he has breadth.

"I am going to flatten the organization out," Napier said of the Pima County Sheriff's Department. "There are too many upper-level positions." He also said there are a lot of salaries that need to be cut.

Board of Supervisors

Bronson attributed her lead in the returns to "the community (hearing) our message."

The District 3 supervisor said she would "work across the aisle" with incoming District 4 Republican Steve Christy, who coasted to a win to replace the retiring Ray Carroll.

The GOP event broke up just before 11 p.m., with people tricking away from the party. DeMarco wasn't yet ready to concede her race, saying that she expected ballots yet to be tallied to tighten the count.

At the same hour, a die-hard group of about 100 Democrats had to be urged to leave their party, as they they awaited the results of the last several states in the presidential election.

Jo Holt, the chair of the Pima County Democratic Party, tried to cheer her fellow party members as she asked for the gathering to be wound up.

"If things turn out as they appear to be moving, I want you to remember something: when things go wrong - and it seems like it might not be recoverable, even — there is an opportunity that is created every time something goes wrong," Holt said.

"Let's remember that the image of the state of Arizona is changing. We have just about reached parity in the state Senate. And in defeating Joe Arpaio, we are saying to the rest of the United States: we reject racism, we reject bigotry. It remains a powerful tool that can be leveraged, but we reject it. Arizona is clearly moving in the direction of the future."


Polls closed at 7 p.m. in Arizona, as voters had their say in everything from the next U.S. president to Congress, the Arizona Corporation Commission, Board of Supervisors and local school boards. Early local results are expected around 8 p.m., but officials said ballots will be tallied in Pima County into the early-morning hours.

To forestall allowing voters to cast multiple ballots, those who ask for early ballots and then go to polls instead are issued provisional ballots, which take longer to process. Of the 27,646 provisional ballots issued in 2012 in Pima County, 15,464 were issued to voters who had been sent early ballots.

About 80 Republicans were gathered at the Sheraton Tucson Hotel, 5151 E. Grant Rd., as the polls closed, including Pima County Supervisors candidate Kim DeMarco and Mark Napier, the GOP candidate for county sheriff. The Republican crowd rose to about 200 as 8 p.m. approached

Across town, about 200 Democrats milled about a ballroom at the Tucson Marriott University Park 880 E. 2nd St., with that crowd swelling to nearly 300 as the hour for results to be released grew close.

Some of the Democrats booed as a TV network called the state's U.S. Senate race for incumbent Republican John McCain, even before any vote results had been released by officials.

Barney Brenner, Napier's campaign manager, said early ballots can represent 75 percent of all the votes cast, so a good margin there can indicate success.

"It's been a crazy election, but we feel pretty good," said DeMarco, who is attempting to unseat longtime Pima County Supervisor Sharon Bronson.

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DeMarco acknowledged that District 3 has about 12,000 more Democrats than Republicans, "but we connected very well with the Democrats and independents."

Matt Heinz, the Democrat trying to oust freshman U.S. Rep. Martha McSally, said before vote results were released, "We feel really good about this election. We spent all day yesterday, going door to door and talking to people in Sahuarita and Sierra Vista. People were surprised that they were talking to the candidate, and I spoke to a lot of millennials who are ready to come out and vote today."

As first results come in, Republicans gave a big cheer for Napier's early lead over incumbent Sheriff Chris Nanos and boos for Bronson's 3,700-vote lead. There was a more subdued reaction to Ally Miller's 1,600-vote margin over Brian Bickel, the Democratic challenger for the District 1 seat on the Pima County board.

At the Marriott, many of the Democrats raised their arms and cheered as Virginia, California, Oregon and other states were called for Hillary Clinton.

Across town, Republicans raised their fists in the air as Ohio was called for Donald Trump. All of those early-called states were widely expected to break as they did.

Preliminary results were available at 8 p.m., but Pima County officials cautioned that because ballots cast Tuesday must be transported to a central location to be counted, a tally with a large number of Election Day votes won't be released until about 3 a.m. Provisional ballots cast Tuesday will be verified and added to the count later in the week.

Check back for updates — we'll have live results posted as they are released by state and county officials.

Election results

Updated May. 23 8:33:16 pm

Voter Turnout

Pima County: 0.00%
Statewide: 0.00%

President of the United States

CandidateEarlyProvTotal Votes%
TRUMP, DONALD J. (REP)001,252,40149.03%
CLINTON, HILLARY (DEM)001,161,16745.46%
JOHNSON, GARY (LBT)00106,3274.16%
STEIN, JILL (GRN)0034,3451.34%

U.S. Senator

CandidateEarlyProvTotal Votes%
MCCAIN, JOHN (REP)001,359,26753.74%
KIRKPATRICK, ANN (DEM)001,031,24540.77%
SWING, GARY (GRN)00138,6345.48%
QUINN, PAT (IND)0000.00%

U.S. Representative in Congress - District No. 1

CandidateEarlyProvTotal Votes%
O'HALLERAN, TOM (DEM)00142,21950.66%
BABEU, PAUL (REP)00121,74543.37%
PARRISH, RAY (GRN)0016,7465.97%

U.S. Representative in Congress - District No. 2

CandidateEarlyProvTotal Votes%
MCSALLY, MARTHA (REP)00179,80656.96%
HEINZ, MATT (DEM)00135,87343.04%

U.S. Representative in Congress - District No. 3

CandidateEarlyProvTotal Votes%
GRIJALVA, RAÚL (DEM)00148,973100.00%

Corporation Commissioner

CandidateEarlyProvTotal Votes%
BURNS, ROBERT "BOB" (REP)001,208,00222.35%
TOBIN, ANDY (REP)001,122,84920.77%
DUNN, BOYD (REP)001,061,09419.63%
MUNDELL, WILLIAM "BILL" (DEM)001,024,50118.95%
CHABIN, TOM (DEM)00988,66618.29%

Proposition 205

PropositionEarlyProvTotal Votes%

Proposition 206

PropositionEarlyProvTotal Votes%

State Senator - District No. 2

CandidateEarlyProvTotal Votes%
KAIS, SHELLEY (REP)0027,06640.54%

State Senator - District No. 3

CandidateEarlyProvTotal Votes%

State Senator - District No. 4

CandidateEarlyProvTotal Votes%
OTONDO, LISA (DEM)0037,668100.00%

State Senator - District No. 9

CandidateEarlyProvTotal Votes%
FARLEY, STEVE (DEM)0068,109100.00%
SPEAR, MARK (REP)0000.00%

State Senator - District No. 10

CandidateEarlyProvTotal Votes%
BRADLEY, DAVID (DEM)0050,85053.88%
PHELPS, RANDALL (REP)0043,52646.12%

State Senator - District No. 11

CandidateEarlyProvTotal Votes%
SMITH, STEVE (REP)0059,47559.56%
ATCHUE, RALPH (DEM)0040,39040.44%

State Senator - District No. 14

CandidateEarlyProvTotal Votes%
GRIFFIN, GAIL (REP)0054,08462.66%
ALVAREZ, JAIME (DEM)0032,22937.34%

State Representative - District No. 2

CandidateEarlyProvTotal Votes%
HERNANDEZ, DANIEL (DEM)0032,65134.86%
GABALDÓN, ROSANNA (DEM)0032,49534.70%

State Representative - District No. 3

CandidateEarlyProvTotal Votes%
GONZALES, SALLY ANN (DEM)0041,70650.15%
SALDATE, MACARIO (DEM)0031,29937.64%
CIZEK III, EDWARD J. "TREY" (GRN)0010,15012.21%

State Representative - District No. 4

CandidateEarlyProvTotal Votes%
FERNANDEZ, CHARLENE R. (DEM)0029,75551.70%
RUBALCAVA, JESUS (DEM)0027,79448.30%

State Representative - District No. 9

CandidateEarlyProvTotal Votes%
FRIESE, RANDALL "RANDY" (DEM)0051,03336.92%
HENDERSON, ANA (REP)0041,79230.24%

State Representative - District No. 10

CandidateEarlyProvTotal Votes%
CLODFELTER, TODD (REP)0045,62733.57%
ENGEL, KIRSTEN (DEM)0045,53033.50%
MACH, STEFANIE (DEM)0044,77032.94%

State Representative - District No. 11

CandidateEarlyProvTotal Votes%
FINCHEM, MARK (REP)0052,50936.41%
LEACH, VENDEN "VINCE" (REP)0049,20934.12%
HAMMOND, CORIN (DEM)0042,51129.47%

State Representative - District No. 14

CandidateEarlyProvTotal Votes%
JOHN, DREW (REP)0049,91432.59%
NUTT, BECKY (REP)0047,57831.06%
HOLMES, MIKE (DEM)0028,16118.38%
LINDSTROM, JASON (DEM)0027,52717.97%

Board Of Supervisors, Dist. 1

Candidate Total Votes%
MILLER, ALLY (REP)57,90054.28%
BICKEL, BRIAN (DEM)48,76745.72%

Board Of Supervisors, Dist. 2

Candidate Total Votes%
VALADEZ, RAMON (DEM)44,100100.00%

Board Of Supervisors, Dist. 3

Candidate Total Votes%
BRONSON, SHARON (DEM)36,59152.10%
DEMARCO, KIM (REP)33,64647.90%

Board Of Supervisors, Dist. 4

Candidate Total Votes%
CHRISTY, STEVE (REP)69,48672.66%
REILLY, JOSHUA (GRN)26,15027.34%

Board Of Supervisors, Dist. 5

Candidate Total Votes%
ELIAS, RICHARD (DEM)43,96778.36%
BASTIDAS, MARTIN (GRN)12,14321.64%

County Attorney

Candidate Total Votes%
LAWALL, BARBARA (DEM)247,28169.69%
TUELL, CYNTHIA (GRN)107,56630.31%


Candidate Total Votes%
NAPIER, MARK (REP)222,47455.81%
NANOS, CHRIS (DEM)176,17344.19%

County Recorder

Candidate Total Votes%
RODRIGUEZ, F. ANN (DEM)282,41977.80%
CEASE, MIKE (GRN)80,58822.20%

County Treasurer

Candidate Total Votes%
FORD, BETH (REP)311,124100.00%

County Assessor

Candidate Total Votes%
STAPLES, BILL (DEM)229,61463.64%
DROUBIE, SUZANNE (NP)131,21336.36%

County Superintendent Of Schools

Candidate Total Votes%
WILLIAMS, DUSTIN (DEM)199,05352.11%

Pima Community College District 5

Candidate Total Votes%
DURKIN, MARTHA (NP)19,02639.86%
SAITTA, FRANCIS (NP)4,6259.69%

Amphitheater Governing Board (vote For 3)

Candidate Total Votes%
DAY, DEANNA M. (NP)26,05923.93%
COX GOLDER, VICKI L. (NP)23,32121.42%
BAKER, SCOTT (NP)22,31820.49%
COZAD, JULIE K. (NP)21,00219.29%
STEWART, MICK (NP)16,19514.87%

TUSD Governing Board (vote For 3)

Candidate Total Votes%
STEGEMAN, MARK (NP)57,46616.49%
FOSTER, KRISTEL ANN (NP)54,35215.60%
SEDGWICK, RACHAEL (NP)50,20514.41%
RUSTAND, BRETT (NP)47,68313.69%
JUAREZ, CAM (NP)47,44413.62%
RIEGEL, LORI A. (NP)41,73411.98%

TucsonSentinel.com’s Leanna Levine, Maria Coxon-Smith and Isaac Rounseville contributed to this report.

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