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Note: This story is more than 3 years old.

Election 2018

Grijalva cruises to win, Kirkpatrick holds strong lead over Marquez Peterson

U.S. Rep. Raul Grijalva easily won a ninth term Tuesday, while fellow Democrat Ann Kirkpatrick held an 11-point lead over Republican candidate Lea Marquez Peterson in CD 2. The two were battling to fill the seat left open by U.S. Rep. Martha McSally, who was locked in a close race with U.S. Rep. Kyrsten Sinema to fill Arizona's open seat in the U.S. Senate.

Grijalva topped GOP challenger Nick Pierson 61-39 in CD 3, with Kirkpatrick up at 55.5 to Marquez Peterson's 44.5 percent.

Pima County Democratic chairwoman Jo Holt said "the most important thing we can do is flip a congressional district" as a check against the "Trump machine."

"I'm going to work with my colleagues," Kirkpatrick told a gathering of Tucson Democrats on Tuesday night. "And, we're in the majority." "The path to taking back Congress runs through District 2, and we did it."

“I thank you from the bottom of my heart and let’s have a great Democratic night," she said.

In the Senate race, McSally held a 4,000-vote edge — down from more than 9,000 in the earliest returns — pulling 49 percent to Sinema's 48.7 percent. Angela Green, the Green Party candidate for the Senate, had some 30,000 votes in the count Tuesday night — despite her last-minute endorsement of Democratic candidate Sinema.

CD 1 Democratic incumbent Tom O'Halleran was leading challenger Wendy Rogers 52-48 in the district that stretches from Tucson's northern suburbs to Flagstaff, the Grand Canyon and beyond.

Former U.S. Rep. Ron Barber — ousted by McSally with a margin of just 167 votes in 2014 —  said he was "thrilled" by Kirkpatrick's win, and it was a major victory for the district and for her. "Usually people win in this district by a percentage point or so, but Ann won decisively. She's a great fit for the district because she's willing to work across the aisle and she's willing to take risks."

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Pierson, a 69-year-old financial advisor who attempted to unseat Grijalva, said he realizes it was "absolutely" an uphill battle but that his bucket list for decades has included a desire to beat the longtime Southern Arizona Democrat.


As voters and candidates were awaiting the release of the early count around 8 p.m., tensions grew, with some heading for a drink and others sitting tensely.

While many races across Arizona were too close to call early, Pima County Democratic chairwoman Jo Holt told the crowd at her party's election night gathering, "It’s OK to celebrate; we have taken the House."

In Tuesday's general election, voters had their say in everything from picking new members of the U.S. Senate and House, governor, Arizona Corporation Commission, Legislature and other state offices, as well as a series of statewide and local ballot measures.

Pima County Democrats packed into the Doubletree Hotel in Midtown, with some 250 present as polls closed, and a line at the bar 20 deep just before the first ballot results were released. Over at the Tucson Sheraton on East Grant Road, some 100 Pima County Republicans were awaiting election results at 7 p.m., but their ranks slowly grew to about 250 as the first results drew closer.

The GOP watch party started with a Jewish prayer from Republican National Committeeman Bruce Ash. Senate candidate Martha McSally, a congresswoman leaving her seat in Tucson, was in Phoenix but CD2 candidate Lea Marquez Peterson was present.

Pima County GOP Chairman David Eppihimer predicted that CD2 candidate Nick Pierson would pull out a surprise win against U.S. Rep. Raul Grijalva.

Another Republican who didn't want to be identified said he is worried about "every damn one of them."

There were some Trump clothes and "Make America Great Again" hats. Attendees at the Republican Party party were greeted by a cardboard statue of President Donald Trump that said, " Let's get this party started."

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That party dwindled quickly and early in the evening, as local Republican candidates didn't fare well, despite the close Senate count.

Across town, Tucson Mayor Jonathan Rothschild told Democrats, "I know we’re all a little nervous tonight, because we remember what happened last time."

The mayor highlighted the number of female candidates fielded by Democrats: "You have to respect women," he said, "because one of these days, one is going to kick your ass."


At the First United Methodist Church, just west of the University of Arizona, around 40 people, mostly university students, were waiting to vote around 4:30 p.m., several for the very first time.

They included Jacob Jenkins, 20, a molecular biology and physiology major. "It's something you can do to make some changes, so why would you not want to do it?" Jenkins said. Elizabeth Moniz, 18, is a first time voter, who said that while the paperwork was hard, it was worth it to be able to vote. "I wanted to help make a change, people keep telling me that it might not make a difference, but I still think I can do something by voting."

Jahron Francis, 32, said that his own chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha is working to make sure people vote through program called "voteless, hopeless." He dropped off his mail-in ballot.

Scooping up young voters has been a major goal of several groups in Arizona, including the liberal group NextGen Arizona, which has an army of nearly 2,500 volunteers and a budget of $3.4 million to capture the youth vote. 

Tuesday's turnout is "historic," the group said, noting that current voter turnout is surpassing 2014's, including a doubling of turnout at two of the state's three universities. At the University of Arizona, the turnout was 30 percent, according to Belen Sisa with NextGen Arizona, and turnout at Arizona State University and Northern Arizona University has doubled.

While there have been problems reported at polling places in Maricopa County, the vote has been running smoothly here in Pima County, with precinct polling places set to close as scheduled at 7 p.m., officials said.

Maricopa County Recorder Adrian Fontes said the election system faced some hiccups during voting Tuesday, and some voters had to deal with long waits, technical snafus and closed polling locations.

The line at the polling location at Arizona State University's Tempe campus wrapped around the building just hours before the polls closed Tuesday evening. First-time voter Hannah Peterson, 19, said she waited for an hour Tuesday morning, but she had to leave to go to class. When she came back in the afternoon, the line was "10 times longer."

Early results will be released around 8 p.m.; check back for updates.

While early ballots received prior to Tuesday will be among the first results released, another 100,000 handed in on Election Day must be reviewed by election officials around the state, a spokesman for the Arizona Secretary of State's Office said. Those ballots will begin to appear in the count on Wednesday. Ballots cast in person on Tuesday will be added to the tallies as they are counted overnight. In Pima County and across the state, some provisional ballots may not be added to the count until later in the week, after they are verified.

Sun Tran and the SunLink streetcar were offering free rides to all on Tuesday, to help get voters to the polls.

About 48 percent of Pima County's registered voters had cast early ballots before Election Day, officials said. Total turnout is expected to be high for a midterm election.

Election results

Updated Aug. 13 7:32:43 am

Voter Turnout

Pima County: 70.55% (249.00% precincts reported)
Statewide: 0.65% (1.00% precincts reported)

U.S. Senator

CandidateEarlyProvTotal Votes%
Sinema, Kyrsten (DEM)001,191,10049.96%
McSally, Martha (REP)001,135,20047.61%
Green, Angela (GRN)0057,4422.41%
Hess, Barry (LBT)003650.02%

U.S. Representative in Congress - District No. 1

CandidateEarlyProvTotal Votes%
O'Halleran, Tom (DEM)00143,24053.83%
Rogers, Wendy (REP)00122,78446.14%
Shock, David (IND)00650.02%

U.S. Representative in Congress - District No. 2

CandidateEarlyProvTotal Votes%
Kirkpatrick, Ann (DEM)00161,00054.73%
Marquez Peterson, Lea (REP)00133,08345.24%
Flayer, Jordan (IND)00500.02%
Grable, Melissa (REP)00190.01%

U.S. Representative in Congress - District No. 3

CandidateEarlyProvTotal Votes%
Grijalva, Raúl (DEM)00114,65063.87%
Pierson, Nicolas "Nick" (REP)0064,86836.13%


CandidateEarlyProvTotal Votes%
Ducey, Doug (REP)001,330,86356.00%
Garcia, David (DEM)00994,34141.84%
Torres, Angel (GRN)0050,9622.14%
Masoya, Patrick (NONE)001770.01%
Komor, Christian (NONE)00660.00%
Dolego, Cary D. (GRN)00130.00%
Arvizu, Arthur Ray "RT" (RTO)00120.00%
Gibson, James "MarvelMan", II (HUM)0070.00%

Secretary of State

CandidateEarlyProvTotal Votes%
Hobbs, Katie (DEM)001,176,38450.43%
Gaynor, Steve (REP)001,156,13249.56%
Novoa, Alice (REP)001690.01%

Attorney General

CandidateEarlyProvTotal Votes%
Brnovich, Mark (REP)001,201,39851.73%
Contreras, January (DEM)001,120,72648.26%
Camboni, Anthony (NONE)003460.01%

State Treasurer

CandidateEarlyProvTotal Votes%
Yee, Kimberly (REP)001,249,12054.28%
Manoil, Mark (DEM)001,052,19745.72%

Superintendent of Public Instruction

CandidateEarlyProvTotal Votes%
Hoffman, Kathy (DEM)001,185,45751.56%
Riggs, Frank (REP)001,113,78148.44%
Harris, Matthew (DEM)00890.00%

State Mine Inspector

CandidateEarlyProvTotal Votes%
Hart, Joe (REP)001,168,79851.74%
Pierce, William "Bill" (DEM)001,090,34648.26%

Corporation Commissioner

CandidateEarlyProvTotal Votes%
Kennedy, Sandra (DEM)001,076,80025.72%
Olson, Justin (REP)001,053,86225.17%
Glassman, Rodney (REP)001,049,39425.06%
Sears, Kiana Maria (DEM)001,006,65424.04%
DeSanti, Neil (REP)002320.01%

Proposition 126

PropositionEarlyProvTotal Votes%

Proposition 127

PropositionEarlyProvTotal Votes%

Proposition 305

PropositionEarlyProvTotal Votes%

Proposition 306

PropositionEarlyProvTotal Votes%

State Senator - District No. 10

CandidateEarlyProvTotal Votes%
Bradley, David (DEM)0052,37658.48%
Wiles, Marilyn (REP)0037,18741.52%

State Senator - District No. 20

CandidateEarlyProvTotal Votes%
Boyer, Paul (REP)0035,17048.34%
Ervin, Douglas (DEM)0032,35244.47%
Quelland, Doug "Q" (NONE)005,2297.19%

State Senator - District No. 21

CandidateEarlyProvTotal Votes%
Gray, Rick (REP)0040,86952.23%
Knecht, Kathy (INDEPENDENT)0037,38047.77%

State Senator - District No. 22

CandidateEarlyProvTotal Votes%
Livingston, David (REP)0070,77563.34%
Garcia, Wendy (DEM)0040,95736.66%

State Senator - District No. 23

CandidateEarlyProvTotal Votes%
Ugenti-Rita, Michelle (REP)0067,85257.11%
Lohman, Daria (DEM)0045,34438.17%
Leone, Christopher "Chris" (INDEPENDENT)005,6034.72%

State Senator - District No. 24

CandidateEarlyProvTotal Votes%
Alston, Lela (DEM)0048,24571.99%
Alger, Vicki (REP)0018,77228.01%

State Senator - District No. 25

CandidateEarlyProvTotal Votes%
Pace, Tyler (REP)0052,20861.80%
Mohr-Almeida, Kathy (DEM)0032,26838.20%

State Senator - District No. 26

CandidateEarlyProvTotal Votes%
Mendez, Juan (DEM)0032,81265.76%
Speakman, Rebecca (REP)0017,08634.24%

State Senator - District No. 27

CandidateEarlyProvTotal Votes%
Rios, Rebecca (DEM)0040,012100.00%

State Senator - District No. 28

CandidateEarlyProvTotal Votes%
Brophy McGee, Kate (REP)0047,27850.14%
Marsh, Christine Porter (DEM)0047,01149.86%

State Senator - District No. 29

CandidateEarlyProvTotal Votes%
Quezada, Martín J. (DEM)0029,00399.57%
Carpenter, Charles (REP)001240.43%

State Representative - District No. 2

CandidateEarlyProvTotal Votes%
Hernandez, Daniel, Jr (DEM)0030,61329.28%
Gabaldón, Rosanna (DEM)0030,48129.15%
Ackerley, John Christopher (REP)0021,92720.97%
Sizer, Anthony (REP)0021,54320.60%

State Representative - District No. 3

CandidateEarlyProvTotal Votes%
Hernandez, Alma (DEM)0034,57746.33%
Cano, Andres (DEM)0031,48242.19%
Baker, Beryl (GRN)008,56611.48%

State Representative - District No. 9

CandidateEarlyProvTotal Votes%
Friese, Randall "Randy" (DEM)0049,75536.75%
Powers Hannley, Pamela (DEM)0049,01136.20%
Henderson, Ana (REP)0036,61327.04%

State Representative - District No. 10

CandidateEarlyProvTotal Votes%
Engel, Kirsten (DEM)0049,16335.50%
DeGrazia, Domingo (DEM)0042,71630.85%
Clodfelter, Todd (REP)0038,69727.95%
Reilly, Joshua (GRN)007,8965.70%

State Representative - District No. 11

CandidateEarlyProvTotal Votes%
Roberts, Bret (REP)0048,67628.22%
Finchem, Mark (REP)0048,56328.15%
Lyon, Hollace (DEM)0037,99222.02%
Quiroz, Marcela (DEM)0037,26521.60%

Shall Bolick, Clint, Justice of the Arizona Supreme Court be retained in office?

CandidateEarlyProvTotal Votes%

Shall Pelander, John, Justice of the Arizona Supreme Court be retained in office?

CandidateEarlyProvTotal Votes%

Clerk Of The Superior Court

Candidate Total Votes%
HARRISON, GARY (DEM)209,83256.15%
HELLON, TONI (REP)163,84043.85%

Justice Of The Peace Pct 1

Candidate Total Votes%
WATTERS, ADAM (REP)31,86953.89%
SEGAL, ANNE (IND)27,26346.11%

Justice Of The Peace Pct 5

Candidate Total Votes%
TAYLOR, DOUG (REP)36,41651.50%

Pima Community College Dist. 3

Candidate Total Votes%
GARCIA, MARIA (NP)28,48155.42%

Pima Community College Dist. 5

Candidate Total Votes%
GONZALES, LUIS (NP)24,71952.10%
CHESS MABIE, DEBI (NP)22,72247.90%

TUSD Governing Board (elect 2)

Candidate Total Votes%
COUNTS, LEILA (NP)69,98228.06%
GRIJALVA, ADELITA S. (NP)62,59625.09%
RAGAN, ADAM (NP)43,72717.53%
HICKS, MICHAEL (NP)42,57317.07%
ROBSON, DOUG (NP)30,56012.25%

Proposition 463

Candidate Total Votes%
BOND APPROVAL, NO (NP)205,76056.04%
BOND APPROVAL, YES (NP)161,43743.96%

Proposition 407 City Of Tucson

Candidate Total Votes%
BOND APPROVAL, YES (NP)89,84855.87%
BOND APPROVAL, NO (NP)70,96544.13%

Proposition 408 City Of Tucson

Candidate Total Votes%
NO (NP)91,51357.84%
YES (NP)66,69942.16%

Proposition 464 Catalina Foothills Unified School Dist.16

Candidate Total Votes%

Proposition 466 Tanque Verde Unified School Dist. 13

Candidate Total Votes%

Proposition 467 Tanque Verde Unified School Dist. 13

Candidate Total Votes%
BOND APPROVAL, NO (NP)3,58550.76%
BOND APPROVAL, YES (NP)3,47849.24%

Proposition 468 Vail Unified School Dist. 20

Candidate Total Votes%
BOND APPROVAL, YES (NP)13,20050.93%
BOND APPROVAL, NO (NP)12,71749.07%

Proposition 471 Sahuarita Unified School Dist. 30

Candidate Total Votes%

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