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Investigator: Animal cruelty, violent behavior linked

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Investigator: Animal cruelty, violent behavior linked

HSSA worker tells law students how best to deal animal abuse cases

There's a link between cruelty to animals and acts committed by violent criminals, an animal cruelty investigator told University of Arizona law students on Wednesday.

Humane Society of Southern Arizona investigator Mike Duffey told students, "there is enough data to support the fact that there is definitely a link between people to animal violence and people to people violence in domestic situations."

"A lot of mass murderers who disclose their information to us said that their earliest crimes were with animal cruelty," Duffey said. 

Duffey also offered students suggestions in dealing with animal cruelty cases. He said he tells colleagues to think as if the animal were a child, and to proceed accordingly.

"I believe that it is going to be up to these law students to get this message out there," Duffey said.

A co-founder of the Southern Arizona Animal Cruelty Task Force, a retired Pima County Sheriff's deputy and one of the board directors for the Humane Link, Duffey has been working on animal-cruelty cases for many years.

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