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Grijalva 'wholeheartedly' backing Pelosi for Dem leadership spot

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Grijalva 'wholeheartedly' backing Pelosi for Dem leadership spot

Rep. Raul Grijalva is backing soon-to-be ex-speaker Rep. Nancy Pelosi as the House Democratic leader when the party takes the minority next year.

Grijalva issued a statement with his Congressional Progressive Caucus co-chair Rep. Lynn Woolsey, D-Calif., on Friday that praised Pelosi's tenure as Speaker of the House and said they "strongly support Rep. Pelosi’s recently announced bid to remain as House Democratic leader."

While Pelosi — the first woman to hold the office — ran the lower body, "the House of Representatives passed landmark legislation that did not always receive adequate support in the Senate," Grijalva and Woolsey said. "Her leadership has been effective and productive for the Democratic Party and the American people, and she has been unfairly criticized for policy outcomes beyond her control."

"We stand wholeheartedly behind her and look forward to working with her as our leader in the 112th Congress," the statement said.

Pelosi, who was overwhelmingly reelected by her San Francisco constituents, has vowed to fight any Republican attempt to undo Democratic gains on issues like health care reform.

The GOP wave in last Tuesday's election saw many moderate and conservative Blue Dog Democrats lose their seats, increasing the leverage that progressives like Grijalva have within the House.

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