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Woman arrested for drug smuggling, child taken away

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Woman arrested for drug smuggling, child taken away

A summary of Border Patrol activities in the Tucson Sector over the last 24 hours, provided by U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

Seizure and arrests

A 26-year-old Mexican woman, traveling with her 8-year-old American daughter was arrested Wednesday at the I-19 checkpoint after a Nogales canine team alerted agents to potential drugs in the vehicle. Agents found 46 pounds of marijuana concealed in a spare tire. The woman and her daughter were transported to the Nogales Station where Child Protective Services was contacted and took custody of the child. The marijuana was estimated to be worth $23,100. The woman faces federal charges.

Douglas Station agents apprehended a 20-year-old Mexican man Wednesday for illegally entering the United States. Record checks revealed he was charged with rape in Los Angeles in 2009 and had a non-extraditable warrant for failure to appear out of Idaho. He was held for prosecution


Naco Station agents assisted Arizona Department of Public Safety officers Wednesday after an attempt to stop a van suspected of smuggling narcotics. The driver of the van fled before stopping, and the occupants ran from the vehicle. Agents and Department of Public Safety officers discovered eight bundles of marijuana inside the van. DPS took custody of the van and narcotics.

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