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BBB: Phishing scam calls seek credit card info

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BBB: Phishing scam calls seek credit card info

The Better Business Bureau of Southern Arizona is warning of phones calls coming from 718-683-3104, claiming there's a problem with the call recipient's credit card, and that action must be taken to keep the account open.

Consumers who pick up the call hear an automated message that states that their credit card has been deactivated, then prompts the consumer to enter their credit card number, expatriation date, three-digit security code, social security number, and zip code.

Consumers who enter all the information are not only giving away their credit card information, they're opening themselves up to identity theft as well.

The Sierra Vista Police Department told BBB they have heard from numerous consumers who received the call—all from the same telephone number—and that all the officers at the Sierra Vista station have received the call as well.


  • Be wary of text messages or phone calls that request personal information. If you do not know who is making the request, delete the message or hang up.
  • Do not give out personal information, such as your Social Security number, bank account numbers or credit card numbers, to anyone you do not know.
  • If you receive a call asking for personal information, hang up and call your financial institution to verify that the request is valid.
  • Report any suspicious calls to the Attorney General's Office at 602-542-5763.

For more information on this scam or other phishing scams please contact the Better Business Bureau at 888-5353, or visit

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