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J.C. Scott: Republican CD2 candidate Ed Martin interviewed

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John C. Scott

J.C. Scott: Republican CD2 candidate Ed Martin interviewed

 On Thursday's edition:

7 min: We started the show with Tucson Weekly Editor Dan Gibson, who gave a run down of this week's edition of the paper.

30 min: Up next was defense attorney Jim Nesci, who discussed the many variables involved in the defense of a charge of driving under the influence. He explained the rights each person has when they are stopped for a DUI.

51 min: We were joined by Republican congressional candidate Ed Martin, who is running against Martha McSally for the GOP nomination. He discussed his platform of job creation, Second Amendment rights, border security, tax reform, maintaining Social Security and protecting privacy.

78 min: We finished the show with Tucson City Councilman Steve Kozachik, who discussed the recent protest over Tucson police enforcing a provision of SB 1070, an upcoming public meeting on the city's mounting pension issues, possible privatization of municipal golf courses, and Downtown property development. Kozachik also invited listeners to a showing of the film "Nightmare Before Christmas," featuring a talk by visual effects artist Pete Kozachik (Steve's brother) at the Loft Film Fest, Sunday, Nov. 10.

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