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Guard arrested for promoting contraband in Tucson state prison

Note: This story is more than 3 years old.

Guard arrested for promoting contraband in Tucson state prison

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An Arizona Department of Corrections officer working at the state prison in Tucson was arrested Friday, charged with promoting contraband. Federal court records show Elsa G. Ramos-Beltran attempted to declare bankruptcy this summer.

Ramos-Beltran, 27, had worked at the state prison complex here since November 2015, authorities said.

Under state law, the felony of promoting contraband includes taking unauthorized items, including weapons or drugs, into a correctional facility, giving such items to any prisoner, or failing to report contraband.

The court file in Ramos-Beltran's criminal case was not immediately available. She was being held at the Pima County Jail on Friday night.

Federal court records show that Ramos-Beltran filed for bankruptcy in late July, but her petition was dismissed in August because she had not filed all of the required information, including information about her current income. A summary by a court officer showed she had more than $30,000 in debts.

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