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J. C. Scott: Mayor argues for Prop. 409

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John C. Scott Show

J. C. Scott: Mayor argues for Prop. 409

Friday on the John C. Scott Show: Mohur Sarah Sidhwa a Democratic candidate for state House in LD9,  talked about her campaign, touching on American values, individual decisions, entrepreneurship, healthcare infrastructure and security for the young, the frail and the elderly.

The executive director of the Tucson Police Foundation, Rob LeMaster, invited listeners to be a part of the upcoming Cops and Rodders car show, Nov. 3,  at Hi Corbett Field.

Tucson Mayor Jonathan Rothschild talked about his support for Proposition 409, the $100-million bond proposal for Tucson streets. If approved by voters, Proposition 409 would repair 130 miles of major arterial streets and resurface 114 miles of neighborhood streets over the next five years.

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