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Storms affect Pima County roads

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Storms affect Pima County roads

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Monsoon storms have flooded some Pima County roads, closing 8 and leading authorities to advise caution when driving on others. Here's the list from the county Department of Transportation:

Road closures

  • Fort Lowell Road at the Agua Caliente Wash
  • El Tiro Road - West of Cocio Road to Pump Station
  • Contractors Way between Ajo Way to Irvington Rd
  • Contractors Way from - from 1st dip Irvington Rd north to Ajo Way
  • Soldier Trail at the Agua Caliente Wash
  • Bonney Avenue at the Earp Wash
  • Tanque Verde Road at Conestoga Avenue
  • Pump Station Rd from Avra Valley Rd to Silverbell Rd

Proceed with caution

  • Overton Road at the Canada Del Oro Wash
  • Snyder Hill Road between Sandario Road and the edge of pavement
  • Manville Road between Reservation Road and Avra Road
  • Sandario Rd from Ajo Hwy to Mile Wide Rd.
  • Trico Rd from Trico Marana to Hardin Rd
  • Avra Valley Road at the Brawley Wash
  • Redington Road MP25 to MP28
  • Silverbell Road between Ina Road to El Camino Del Cerro
  • Manville Road between Avra Road to Reservation Road at the Brawley Wash
  • Redington Road at MP 3 the base of the road
  • Cocio Road Between El Tiro Road and Picacho
  • Silverbell Road between Avra Valley Road to Sasco Road
  • Valencia Road between Camino Verde to Viviana Avenue
  • Anway Rd from Jaguar to El Camino de Tres Arroyos
  • Silverbell Road west of Cocio Road
  • Bopp Rd btwn San Joaquin Rd and Spiney Lizard Ln
  • Sandario Rd between Mile Wide Rd and Donaldson Ranch Rd

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