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TPD: 3 arrested in Monday home invasion turned homicide

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TPD: 3 arrested in Monday home invasion turned homicide

  • Alberto Emmanuel
    TPDAlberto Emmanuel
  • Juan Acedo-Lopez
    TPDJuan Acedo-Lopez
  • Edward Ochoa
    TPDEdward Ochoa

Tucson Police officers have arrested three men in connection with a home invasion that left one man dead and another injured Monday night, officials said.

Shortly before 11 p.m., three men with rifles pushed their way into an apartment at 1150 East Irvington Road, between South Park and South Campbell Avenues, sain a Tucson Police Department spokesman.

"The men ordered ordered the three occupants to the floor and demanded money. The suspects ransacked the apartment while holding the victims at gunpoint,” Sgt. Chris Widmer said.

As the men were searching the apartment, a 12-year-old girl who lived there returned from a relative's apartment in the same complex. She was confronted by a man at the door who pointed a rifle at her and told her to leave, Widmer said.

The girl ran back to her relative's apartment and told them what had happened, said Widmer. Her relative, 40-year-old Dekota Luise Estrella, and a woman in the apartment went to see what was going on.

The woman hung back from the victim's apartment and called 911. As she spoke to the 911 operator she heard shots fired inside the apartment, Widmer said. Police later learned a 45-year-old man inside the apartment was shot and suffered non-life threatening injuries.

Estrella confronted the armed men outside the apartment, and was shot multiple times and was pronounced dead at the scene, Widmer said.

The three men suspects fled from the apartment complex as police were arriving. A TPD helicopter quickly spotted the suspects and were able to guide officers on the ground. All three were taken into custody without incident, said Widmer.

Officers found three abandoned rifles along the path taken by the men as they ran away from the apartment.

Witnesses identified the detained men as the men involved in the incident, Widmer said.

Arrested were Alberto Emmanuel Salas, 41, Juan Acedo-Lopez, 19, and Edward Ochoa, 39.

The men were each booked into the Pima County jail on one count of first-degree murder, and three counts each of armed robbery, aggravated robbery and kidnapping, said Widmer.

Salas also faces four counts of aggravated assault, and one count  of prohibited possessor with a gun and possession of a narcotic drug for sale. Acedo-Lopez and Ochoa each face three counts of aggravated assault and Ochoa faces one count of prohibited possessor with a gun, Widmer said.

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