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J.C. Scott: Romney wins decision, 'no knockout'

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J.C. Scott: Romney wins decision, 'no knockout'

Paul Eckerstrom, former Pima County Democratic Party chairman, expressed disappointment that President Obama did not press Mitt Romney on Social Security, Medicare and tax policy in their first debate. General Motors and Romney's comments last week about the 47 percent never came up, he said. Eckerstrom believes Obama will bounce back in the next debate but conceded that the president was off his game.

TUSD Governing Board Member Mark Stegeman, stopped by to talk about his reelection campaign. He took calls from listeners and state Sen. Frank Antenori, who challenged Stegeman's comments about Prop. 204.

Tucson Weekly writer Jim Nintzel joined John for our "Tucson Weekly on Radio" segment, covering Wednesday's debate, and a number of local elections.

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