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J.C. Scott: The future of Ronstadt Transit Center

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John C. Scott

J.C. Scott: The future of Ronstadt Transit Center

On Wednesday's edition:

We start the show from the law office of Nesci and St. Louis with DUI defense attorney Jim Nesci.

6 min: We interviewed Downtown Tucson Partnership CEO Michael Keith, who talked about proposals for the future of the Ronstadt Transit Center, businesses opening downtown, boutique hotels scheduled to open, concerns about alcohol consumption in the area, and the screening of the 1997 University of Arizona Wildcat basketball championship at the Fox Theatre on Friday night.

36 min: We were joined Brian Flagg, founder of the Bus Riders Union, who voiced his concerns about the future of the Ronstadt Transit Center. Flagg, who operates the Casa Maria soup kitchen, said that low-income bus riders should not be purged from the area, if anything the bus service should be improved. He also advocated for no increase in fares for low-income Sun Van riders.

48 min: We talked with the CEO of the Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Lea Marquez-Peterson. John congratulated her on the group being recognized as Large Chamber of the Year by the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. Marquez-Peterson also talked about her trip to Hermosillo and Guaymas in an effort to increase trade across the Arizona-Mexico border. She finished the interview addressing immigration reform.

62 min: Up next was financial advisor Shelly Fishman, who gave a look at the economy and stock markets.

78 min: We finished the show with DUI defense attorney Jim Nesci who talked about the process of being charged with DUI, from the stop itself to conviction or dismissal. He also talked about new DUI defense issues that have risen since the approval of the use of medical marijuana in Arizona.

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