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J.C. Scott: Tobin urges benefits for Hotshot families

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John C. Scott

J.C. Scott: Tobin urges benefits for Hotshot families

On Tuesday's edition:

06 min: We started the show with the Rosemont Copper's Cathy Arnold, who gave her take on the ongoing regulatory process for the proposed open-pit Rosemont Mine south of Tucson.

24 min: We were joined by's Mark B. Evans, who talked about his latest opinion piece, "Don't let the government define who's a journalist." Evans also commented on Downtown development and possible future uses of the present Ronstadt Transit Center.

57 min: Next up was financial advisor Shelly Fishman with our regular weekly segment "Your Financial Future."

79 min: We talked with's Dylan Smith about a new internal report that showed border agents lack training in the use of force — including deadly force. Smith also reported an announcement by state House Democratic leader Chad Campbell that he will not run for governor.

88 min: We finished the show with Arizona House Speaker Andy Tobin, who talked a possible run for Congress, his efforts to secure survivor benefits for Yarnell firefighter families, education funding and Arizona's nearly $900 million budget surplus. He also commented on work to strengthen Arizona's brand in Mexico.

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