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J.C. Scott: Foreign policy in focus

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John C. Scott

J.C. Scott: Foreign policy in focus

On Friday's edition

We started the show with Ward 6 City Councilman Steve Kozachik, who gave his take on proposed Sun Van fare increases, pension challenges, the El Con Walmart liquor license being rejected by the state, fees for spay and neuter programs, support for the Arizona film industry and ways he and fellow Council members have tried to make Tucson more business friendly.

32 min: We were joined by Thomas Collins, executive director of the Arizona Clean Elections Commission, who talked about a judge's ruling that lets stand a new law that allows dramatic increases in campaign donations.

40 min: We finish the hour with Washington commentator Jimmy Zuma, who talked about the Syrian conflict and foreign policy, a possible government shutdown, implementation of the Affordable Health Care Act and Congress hitting the brakes on immigration reform.

53 min: We started the 4 p.m. hour with TUSD Governing Boardmember Mark Stegeman, who commented on the continuing decline in enrollment, TUSD's restoration of custodial funds and some teacher pay, a pilot preschool intended to help TUSD's poorest, consideration of extra credit for University High applicants, the continuing war over culturally relevant curricula, student bullying, growing class sizes and the failure to report TUSD property thefts.

76 min: We finished the show with Republican National Committeeman Bruce Ash, who commented on U.S. foreign policy, the possible government shutdown, implementation of the Affordable Health Care Act, immigration reform, John McCain's political future, Medicaid expansion challenges, new campaign finance laws and upcoming city elections and pension issues.

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