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J.C. Scott: Ally Miller and Stephanie Mach interviewed

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J.C. Scott: Ally Miller and Stephanie Mach interviewed

Ally Miller, a Republican candidate for Pima County supervisor, stopped by for her first interview since her win in the Republican primary. Miller talked about the importance of holding government accountable for spending bond money the way voters approved. John and Ally also talked about road repair, job creation, support for Rosemont mine and open space. Miller gave the pygmy owl as an example of holding back growth.

Stephanie Mach, a Democratic candidate for state House in LD10, talked about her support of Prop. 204: the sales tax for education. She also discussed job creation, health care and local control. Mach said she believes a vote for her will help restore balance to the Republican-dominated legislature.

Reporter Jim Nintzel joined John for our "Tucson Weekly on Radio" segment, a review what's new in this week's edition.

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