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J.C. Scott: Investigations plague city golf, transportation and TCC

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J.C. Scott: Investigations plague city golf, transportation and TCC

Tucson City Councilman Paul Cunningham talked about problems facing Tucson golf, the city Transportation Department and Parkwise. He expressed his dismay at the way these departments were being handled and now that the problems have come to light he believes that the criminal and departmental issues will be cleaned up. He also talked about student housing, TREO, construction ordinances and marijuana dispensaries

Richard Studwell, City Hall commentator and developer, followed Cunningham with a take of his own on the problems facing various city departments. He was highly critical of the actions that have taken place. He also previewed other coming actions by the City Council.

The editor of the Arizona Capitol Times, Jim Small, talked to John about the latest political news from around the state.

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