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BBB: Contractor referral site claims bogus Tucson address

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Better Business Bureau

BBB: Contractor referral site claims bogus Tucson address

The Better Business Bureau of Southern Arizona is alerting businesses to Purportedly based in Tucson, U.S. Workmen is soliciting contractors around the country, offering a "free" list of biddable jobs in their area for a $100 background check fee.

According to businesses who spoke with the BBB, U.S. Workmen claims that the list of biddable jobs is free, but the businesses must pay a $100 fee for a background check before receiving the list. Businesses who paid the $100 fee tell the BBB that they never received a list, and that they were unable to contact the company to collect a refund.

Since July, the BBB has received 545 inquiries from businesses and consumers about U.S. Workmen, making them one of the most inquired about Southern Arizona businesses of the summer.

U.S. Workmen claims to be located at 5151 Broadway, in Tucson, but upon investigation, the BBB determined that no such company exists at that address. A virtual office, called Intelligent Assistant, is housed in the suite U.S. Workmen claims to be in, and Intelligent Assistant management tells the BBB that U.S. Workmen is not contracted with them to use their services or faculties.

The BBB spoke briefly with a company sales representative who said he was based in Oregon, but continued to insist that their "corporate headquarters" was at 5151 Broadway in Tucson.

In the About Us section of its website, U.S. Workmen claims to be "certified" in the state of Arizona, as well as with "several Federal, State, and Local agencies." However, upon investigation the BBB found that the entire About Us section of the website appears to be plagiarized from the website of a company called Environmental Construction Group (ECG), in California. the BBB has alerted management at ECG to the issue.

The BBB was not able to locate a corporate listing for U.S. Workmen with the Arizona Corporation Commission, and U.S. Workmen management has failed to respond to the BBB's phone calls and emails attempting to verify which - if any - state agencies it is registered with.

BBB tips

  • If you receive a call from a telemarketer selling any sort of product make sure to research the company before buying. Make sure the company not only exists legally, but also that they have a proven track record of delivering to their customers.
  • Never give personal information over the phone to telemarketers. This includes social security numbers for background checks.
  • Beware of telemarketers- or online companies- that require you to pay either via Paypal or by wiring money. Often times these companies have had their merchant accounts taken away from them due to a high volume of complaints from other consumers, and are unable to accept credit cards.

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