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J.C. Scott: Jeff Rogers from DNC convention in Charlotte

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J.C. Scott: Jeff Rogers from DNC convention in Charlotte

Jeff Rogers, the chairman Pima County Democratic Party, joined John live from the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C. Rogers talked about Tueday's speech by First Lady Michelle Obama, and some of the other strong voices Democrats brought to the stage, singling out Julian Castro, Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick and former Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland. He said he was looking forward to former President Bill Clinton's speech Wednesday evening.

Dave Bradley, the Democratic candidate for state Senate in LD10 talked the importance of proper funding levels for education so that the state can attract higher paying, highly skilled jobs. He said as long as the state ranks last in spending on education we won't be able attract those companies or their employees.

Financial advisor Shelly Fishman said a financial cliff that looms at the end of the year that could result in another recession. administrator Mark B. Evans defended his opposition to the one-cent sales tax for education initiative. He believes that the funding should be provided by the Legislature; we should elect legislators that have a higher priority on education.

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