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City releases final election returns

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City releases final election returns

The City of Tucson released the final canvass of Tuesday's primary election, including a count of the ballots dropped off on Election Day.

About 2,000 Republican ballots with a write-in vote for Rick Grinnell were dropped off, raising his count to 7,770. That's well above the 1,060 write-ins he needed to earn a spot on  November's general election ballot. There were 9,687 write-in votes cast for mayor on GOP ballots.

Primary election returns

Overall results


  • Jonathan Rothschild (D): 26918
  • David Karr (D write-in): 41
  • Joseph Maher (D write-in): 64
  • Rick Grinnell (R write-in): 5,773
  • Daryl Peterson (R write-in): 12
  • Dave Croteau (G): 127
  • Mary DeCamp (G): 369

Ward 1

  • Joe Flores (D): 1420
  • Regina Romero (D): 4695
  • Beryl Baker (G write-in): 10

Ward 2

  • Paul Cunningham (D): 5547
  • Jennifer Rawson (R): 5079

Ward 4

  • Shirley Scott (D): 4133
  • Tyler Vogt (R): 3874

Results by ward are available on the city clerk's website.

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