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Ballot count update: Arizona & Pima County primary

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Ballot count update: Arizona & Pima County primary

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Election results

Updated Dec. 3 12:48:34 pm

Voter Turnout

Pima County: 48.36%
Statewide: 37.29%

County Attorney - Democratic

Candidate Total Votes%
LAWALL, BARBARA47,95956.90%
FEINMAN, JOEL36,32443.10%

County Assessor - Democratic

Candidate Total Votes%
STAPLES, BILL47,61962.73%
JOHNSON, BRIAN28,29237.27%

County Superintendent Of Schools - Democratic

Candidate Total Votes%
WILLIAMS, DUSTIN40,76156.83%
GORDY, MICHAEL30,96543.17%

Justice Of The Peace, Precinct 2 - Democratic

Candidate Total Votes%
CORNEJO, ERICA2,71343.00%
MORAN, PATRICK2,01531.93%

Justice Of The Peace, Precinct 4 - Democratic

Candidate Total Votes%
DRISCOLL, JIM1,65516.78%

Justice Of The Peace, Precinct 6 - Democratic

Candidate Total Votes%
ABOUD, PAULA7,52872.12%
ROGERS, JEFF2,91027.88%

Board Of Supervisors, Dist. 1 - Republican

Candidate Total Votes%
MILLER, ALLY16,28857.39%
WINCHESTER, JOHN12,09542.61%

Board Of Supervisors, Dist. 4 - Republican

Candidate Total Votes%
CHRISTY, STEVE14,91154.97%
CLOSEN, MARLA9,88836.45%
BACKER, JOHN2,3278.58%

Sheriff - Republican

Candidate Total Votes%
NAPIER, MARK50,60165.06%
STATEN, TERRY27,17034.94%

Town Of Marana - Mayor Town Of Marana

Candidate Total Votes%
HONEA, ED5,06162.66%
POST, DAN3,01637.34%

Town Of Marana - Council Member (vote For 2)

Candidate Total Votes%
BOWEN, DAVE4,52335.28%
OFFICER, JOHN3,64128.40%

Town Of Oro Valley - Council Member (vote For 3)

Candidate Total Votes%
PINA, RHONDA6,89020.02%
SOLOMON, STEVE6,81619.80%
RODMAN, BILL6,20418.02%
GARNER, BILL5,03414.63%
ZINKIN, MICHAEL4,86514.13%
BURNS, BRENDAN M.4,61013.39%

Town Of Sahuarita - Council Member (vote For 4)

Candidate Total Votes%
HICKS, MELISSA2,93019.78%
SKELTON, LYNNE2,87419.40%
LUSK, GIL2,72818.42%
BRACCO, BILL2,29315.48%
HOUSLEY, ROBERT2,01013.57%
SPARKS, JOHN1,97713.35%

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Election results

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