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Note: This story is more than 5 years old.

Christy, Miller leading GOP supervisor races, Heinz leading Steele in CD2

McCain easily wins Republican primary

As early returns came in from Arizona's primary election Tuesday night, several races showed signs of being tight. Others, not so much.

U.S. Sen. John McCain had a healthy lead over challenger Kelli Ward in the statewide Republican primary.

In Southern Arizona, Matt Heinz narrowly led Victoria Steele in the CD Democratic congressional primary. In the race for Pima County Attorney, incumbent Democrat Barbara LaWall was leading challenger Joel Feinman.

Republicans all but declared Mark Napier the winner of the Republican primary for sheriff as soon as the first results came in.

Campaign manager Barney Brenner said, "there's the trend. It's not going anywhere."

At a brief press conference at the GOP gathering at Plaza Aborleda, 2502 N Dodge Blvd., Napier said this was "humbling to a guy who has never been a politician."

Napier, seeking to take on incumbent Sheriff Chris Nanos, was leading Terry Staten 2-1 as GOP ballots were tallied.

"I just think we had a very positive campaign and we stayed on message and I think that resonates with people," said Napier, who also said he had good name recognition from his 2012 challenge against former Sheriff Clarence Dupnik.

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 In Oro Valley, Republican County Supervisor Ally Miller and her supporters barred the media from the Fox & Hound restaurant where they were gathered. A sign posted outside the restaurant, 7625 N. La Cholla Blvd., said no press would be allowed inside.

"Ally had problems with the press and it's her prerogative," GOP county chair Bill Beard said at the main Republican event.

Miller led challenger John Winchester in early returns, 10,700 to 8,500.

In the three-way GOP primary in District 4, Steve Christy was leading Marla Closen and John Backer to determine who will replace retiring County Supervisor Ray Carroll.

Jo Holt, the chair of the Pima County Democratic Party, told a crowd of about 100 that "there have been more Democrats registered than Republicans (in Arizona). That's the result of a tremendous amount of work."

"We're running against FOAM — Friends of Ally Miller," Pima County Supervisor Sharon Bronson told the crowd, urging them to support candidate Brian Bickel in his race in the heavily Republican district represented by Miller.

"If the Pima County Democratic Party does it's job, we're going to win," said U.S. Rep. Raul Grijalva, speaking at the party's election-night gathering at Brother John's, 1801 N Stone Ave.

As party loyalists spent the evening straining over screens for results of contested primaries, Grijalva emphasized a message of unity for the members.

"It's my opinion that as we go forward over these next several days, I'm honored to work together with you under one party," he said.

Grijalva, who initially endorsed U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders in a contentious presidential primary with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, referred to the Vermont senator to stress the importance of unity.

Like what you're reading? Support high-quality local journalism and help underwrite independent news without the spin.

"The thing that Bernie said is that not about me, it's about us," said Grijalva.

This message, he said, was key to promoting enthusiasm for the party on candidates and critical ballot initiatives —like minimum wage increases — come November.

In addition to coming together, Grijalva also encouraged Democrats to focus on voter turnout this election to win more contested seats in the Arizona State Senate and Pima County Board of Supervisors.

"The way we win this is by working out butts off," he said. "The way we win this is through turnout."

Interviewed by phone, Mayor Ed Honea of Marana said it is too early to declare a victory though he was maintaining a steady lead in the nonpartisan race with Dan Post.

"I think people are happy with our community," he said.

Christy easily led in his three-way race, and held his own election-night gathering.

"I think people realized that it is time for a person with a broad business background, who actually owned and operated a business in Pima County for 40 years," said Christy, a former car dealer, who also talked about his "five years serving on and chairing the State Transportation Board and the Regional Transportation Authority."

The Republicans shut down their party about 9:30 p.m. "We found out what we wanted to know," said Connie Pellman, office manager for the Pima GOP, as she took down red balloons. The group seemed especially happy at apparent victories for Miller and Napier.

The Democrats were still awaiting updates and buzzing with conversation as the clock ticked toward 10 p.m. Their party wound down about 10:30 p.m.

Election results

Updated Jul. 6 12:47:09 am

Voter Turnout

Pima County: 48.36%
Statewide: 37.29%

County Attorney - Democratic

Candidate Total Votes%
LAWALL, BARBARA47,95956.90%
FEINMAN, JOEL36,32443.10%

County Assessor - Democratic

Candidate Total Votes%
STAPLES, BILL47,61962.73%
JOHNSON, BRIAN28,29237.27%

County Superintendent Of Schools - Democratic

Candidate Total Votes%
WILLIAMS, DUSTIN40,76156.83%
GORDY, MICHAEL30,96543.17%

Justice Of The Peace, Precinct 2 - Democratic

Candidate Total Votes%
CORNEJO, ERICA2,71343.00%
MORAN, PATRICK2,01531.93%

Justice Of The Peace, Precinct 4 - Democratic

Candidate Total Votes%
DRISCOLL, JIM1,65516.78%

Justice Of The Peace, Precinct 6 - Democratic

Candidate Total Votes%
ABOUD, PAULA7,52872.12%
ROGERS, JEFF2,91027.88%

Board Of Supervisors, Dist. 1 - Republican

Candidate Total Votes%
MILLER, ALLY16,28857.39%
WINCHESTER, JOHN12,09542.61%

Board Of Supervisors, Dist. 4 - Republican

Candidate Total Votes%
CHRISTY, STEVE14,91154.97%
CLOSEN, MARLA9,88836.45%
BACKER, JOHN2,3278.58%

Sheriff - Republican

Candidate Total Votes%
NAPIER, MARK50,60165.06%
STATEN, TERRY27,17034.94%

Town Of Marana - Mayor Town Of Marana

Candidate Total Votes%
HONEA, ED5,06162.66%
POST, DAN3,01637.34%

Town Of Marana - Council Member (vote For 2)

Candidate Total Votes%
BOWEN, DAVE4,52335.28%
OFFICER, JOHN3,64128.40%

Town Of Oro Valley - Council Member (vote For 3)

Candidate Total Votes%
PINA, RHONDA6,89020.02%
SOLOMON, STEVE6,81619.80%
RODMAN, BILL6,20418.02%
GARNER, BILL5,03414.63%
ZINKIN, MICHAEL4,86514.13%
BURNS, BRENDAN M.4,61013.39%

Town Of Sahuarita - Council Member (vote For 4)

Candidate Total Votes%
HICKS, MELISSA2,93019.78%
SKELTON, LYNNE2,87419.40%
LUSK, GIL2,72818.42%
BRACCO, BILL2,29315.48%
HOUSLEY, ROBERT2,01013.57%
SPARKS, JOHN1,97713.35%

TucsonSentinel.com’s Isaac Rounseville contributed to this report.

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Aug 31, 2016, 12:01 am
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Napier is an arrogant, pompous jack@$$

For Napier to say"humbling to a guy who has never been a politician.”

NEVER A POLITICIAN?  You were a politician in 2012 running for Sheriff; February 2012 you ran for Oro Valley Town Council - both elections you LOST!!

And you say you were never a politician!?

LIAR I would rather live with Nanos as Sheriff and his corruption than your lying spew coming from your lips.

Sorry, we missed your input...

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