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Council Democrats swamping GOP challengers in money race

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Council Democrats swamping GOP challengers in money race

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At least thus far in the races for Tucson's City Council, the GOP isn't the party of big money. The slate of incumbent Democrats are easily raising more campaign cash than their Republican challengers — three to six times as much.

Friday was the filing deadline for pre-primary election reports, and the Democratic slate and two of the three Republicans got their paperwork in on time.

Kelly Lawton, making a run at the Ward 2 seat held by Paul Cunningham, didn't file a report. He said Friday night that his campaign treasurer was recovering from surgery. Monday afternoon, Lawton filed, paying a $10 late fee.

Lawton pulled in just under $9,000 total, putting him in the same range as the other GOP candidates for the Council. Cunningham has raised $34,000 for his reelection push.

"To be honest it has not been an easy task," Lawton said of raising campaign cash.

Bill Hunt has raised $7,600 total for his run for the seat held by Ward 1 Councilwoman Regina Romero. The West Side Democrat has raised $52,000.

On the East Side, challenger Margaret Burkholder has raised $9,000, while longtime Councilwoman Shirley Scott pulled in just under $30,000.

The Republicans didn't field a mayoral candidate, but that hasn't meant the incumbent Dem has sat on his hands. Mayor Jonathan Rothschild's campaign has raised $118,000.

The primary election — there are no contested offices in the party races — is Tuesday.

Ward 1

Candidate 6/1-8/13/15 Total
Regina Romero (D) $9,160 $52,832
Bill Hunt (R) $4,880 $7,690

Ward 2

Candidate 6/1-8/13/15 Total
Paul Cunningham (D) $10,186 $34,702
Kelly Lawton (R) $7,370 $8,935

Ward 4

Candidate 6/1-8/13/15 Total
Shirley Scott (D) $1,650 $29,991
Margaret Burkholder (R) $7,010 $9,099


Candidate 6/1-8/13/15 Total
Jonathan Rothschild (D) $185 $118,352

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