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J.C. Scott: Primary countdown; supervisor candidates Carroll & Miller

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J.C. Scott: Primary countdown; supervisor candidates Carroll & Miller

Pima County Supervisor Ray Carroll, the Republican incumbent in District 4, talked about the final primary week of his reelection bid,  explaining his reason for opposing the Rosemont mine.

Carroll accused his primary opponents of "nasty" tactics, and touted his experience in holding down property and sales taxes

Good News Communications' Doug Martin, who heads up radio station KVOI, joined John to talk about his guest opinion in the Arizona Daily Star. The topic was "Don't close city pools and prop up failing golf courses."

Ally Miller, a Republican candidate for County Supervisor in District 1, talked about the four-way primary in her district, reiterating her message of cutting wasteful spending, lowering taxes, looking for business opportunities to create jobs and fixing our crumbling roads.

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