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Brewer releases emergency funds for Tombstone water system

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Brewer releases emergency funds for Tombstone water system

Gov. Jan Brewer has declared a state of emergency for the city of Tombstone, releasing money to help repair the city's water system in the wake of the Monument Fire.

Flooding, erosion and mudslides in the area burned by the wildfire have damaged the city's primary water source, the governor's office said.

The declaration authorizes $50,000 to help cover engineering and repair costs for Tombstone's water system.

"Tombstone draws 50 to 80 percent of its water supply from springs in the Monument Fire burn area," the governor's office said. "Erosion and debris flow caused by summer storms damaged the city’s aqueduct and water transmission system. Until repairs can be made, city residents are relying on backup water sources shared with neighboring jurisdictions."

The funding will not cover repairs to individual homes.

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