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UA to train unemployed teachers

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Career and Academic Support for Teachers

UA to train unemployed teachers

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Hundreds of Tucson-area teachers remain unemployed after uncertain budgets forced local districts to lay off many educators.

While many were eventually hired back for this school year, concern over jobless teachers leaving the profession has led the University of Arizona to launch a support program.

The Career and Academic Support for Teachers, or CAST, program will offer professional development to educators without contracts, UA said in a press release.

The free program at the UA College of Education will aid teachers with networking opportunities and skills instruction in teaching methods and classroom management.

Administered by UA LINKS, the CAST program is open to teachers without contracts and those serving as substitutes and teaching assistants.

"Our concern is that teachers who do not have contracts may leave the profession or the Tucson area," said Ronald W. Marx, College of Education dean, in the release.

"One of the main goals for putting this group togther was to keep these talented teachers in the area," said Maryann Judkins, a UA College of Education instructional specialist coordinator and a member of UA LINKS.

"When the economy picks up and schools are able to have the number of teachers they need, we want to have a rich pool we can draw from," Judkins said.

The first class will meet on Aug. 24, from 4-6 p.m. at the UA's Vine Street Building, 1125 N. Vine Street.

Registration is open, those interested should contact Maryann Judkins at 520-626-1615 or

Dylan Smith’s wife is a teacher with the Tucson Unified School District. Thankfully, she was offered a contract for this school year.


To sign up, contact Maryann Judkins at 520-626-1615 or

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