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Weather Service warns of continued heat

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Weather Service warns of continued heat

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Temperatures in Tucson are forecast to top 109 degrees again on Monday, and in a heat advisory, the Weather Service said thermometers could reach 114 in some areas.

The forecast high at Tucson International Airport is 110 degrees.

In the heat advisory, in effect until 6 p.m., NWS said temperatures in the Tucson metro area, and western Pima and south-central Pinal counties are expected to range from 108-114 degrees.

The high temps will mark eight straight days of highs of 105 or above—two days shy of the August record, which was set Aug. 1-10 in 1995.

The Weather Service warned those who must work or spend time outdoors to take extra precautions. If you can, reschedule strenuous activities to early morning or evening, wear light-weight and loose-fitting clothing, and drink plenty of water to avoid heat exhaustion and heat stroke.

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