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How much stimulus funding is going to Pima County?

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Federal stimulus funds

How much stimulus funding is going to Pima County?

Want to know what’s going on with the stimulus in your area? ProPublica has compiled nearly all the contracts, grants and loans that the government has reported awarding so far in the stimulus program. Type in your county or click on your state to find projects in your area. The state transportation department tops the Pima County list, receiving about $35 million for various road projects in contracts, grants and loans as of July 20, when the latest data was available. Tucson Unified School District received nearly $21 million and Tucson received more than $16 million. Not surprisingly, Maricopa County got the most money in Arizona, getting $749 million. Arizona is No. 16 in stimulus funds, getting $2.2 billion. California led all states with $15 billion

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