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2,600 new Az COVID cases; 16k cases in past week as Delta spike tops Feb. numbers

Note: This story is more than 1 year old.

2,600 new Az COVID cases; 16k cases in past week as Delta spike tops Feb. numbers

There were another 2,639 new confirmed COVID-19 cases in Arizona on Sunday, with 12 additional deaths, and the number of new reported infections in the state topping 16,500 over the past week. The spike in cases has seen the largest number of new infections in six months, with new case counts at levels not seen since the beginning of February.

There were 12 new deaths from the coronavirus, the Arizona Department of Health Services reported. 18,388 Arizonans are now dead from the virus.

As the Delta variant continues to spike, health officials have advised that everyone — even those who've been vaccinated — wear masks while indoors in public.

The 272 new cases in Pima County reported Friday were the highest daily total since February 10. Another 130 new cases were reported here Saturday, and 247 more were added Sunday.

New Arizona COVID cases

Day New Cases
Sun 8/8 2,639
Sat 8/7 2,653
Fri 8/6 2,826
Thurs 8/5 2,289
Weds 8/4 2,286
Tue 8/3 1,974
Mon 8/2 1,846
Sun 8/1 2,306
Sat 7/31 2,066

Friday's daily case update was the largest increase since the beginning of February.

Due to cases sometimes taking several days to be added to the county, due to testing and reporting delays between hospitals, laboratories and the Arizona Department of Health Services, Monday's tally of new reported cases was 2,846, but the actual number of confirmed positive samples related to new cases collected that day was 3,102, state data showed.

The last time the daily case count was that high was February 2, ADHS data showed.

New Arizona COVID deaths

18,388 Arizonans have died from COVID-19, with the 12 additional deaths reported Sunday.

Day Deaths Reported
Sun 8/8 12
Sat 8/7 34
Fri 8/6 42
Thurs 8/5 11
Weds 8/4 7
Tue 8/3 30
Mon 8/2 1
Sun 8/1 5
Sat 7/31 22

The number of people hospitalized with confirmed or suspected COVID infections has also hit numbers not seen since the start of March, with more than 1,350 patients — nearly triple the number at the beginning of July, and an increase of 271 hospitalized patients over the Friday of the preceding week.

In Pima County, 2,467 people have died from the coronavirus, with 5 new reported deaths on Friday and another death reported Saturday.

There have been more than 121,600 reported cases in the county — with 272 new confirmed infections reported Friday, 130 on Saturday and another 247 on Sunday — with the county seeing the highest levels of new cases since early February.

Across the state, there have been more than 946,000 confirmed positive cases of coronavirus since the pandemic began last year.

In Pima County, one out of 426 residents has died from the virus, and health officials are "strongly recommending" that everyone wear face masks in public indoor settings — even those who've been fully vaccinated.

A new public health advisory from the Pima County Health Department is in line with the latest guidance from the federal Centers for Disease Control.

Local officials are moving to require all Pima County government employees to be vaccinated. On Wednesday, Tucson Unified School District joined others around the state in imposing a mask requirement in schools.

Along with an increase in overall COVID cases that falls under the CDC's "substantial transmission" metrics, the coronavirus outbreak here is beginning to infect children and reach into schools more than previously, Pima officials said.

In addition to the push for everyone to wear masks when inside public buildings if they cannot remain six feet away from others, the latest Pima advisory "strongly recommends that all teachers, staff, students, and visitors to K-12 schools wear masks indoors at all times during school regardless of vaccination status."

More than 95% of new confirmed coronavirus infections are in people who have not been vaccinated — including children under 12, who are not yet eligible to get the COVID shots. Breakthrough cases — cases in people who have been fully vaccinated — account for less than 0.1% of all cases, officials said.

Statewide, about 75% of the reported confirmed COVID-19 cases that are PCR tested to determine variants are being found to be the Delta version of the virus. In Pima County, which has been sequencing a random selection of about 15% of cases, with 41 shown to be the Delta variant and 359 to be the Alpha variant since May. But officials have cautioned that the widespread presence of Delta infections across the rest of the state, and the higher transmissibility of that type of the virus, means that the number of Delta cases here is bound to increase rapidly.

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