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J.C. Scott: Remembering newsman Jeff Smith

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John C. Scott

J.C. Scott: Remembering newsman Jeff Smith

  • Jeff Smith, newsman.
    courtesy, a Gannett CompanyJeff Smith, newsman.
  • Smith, in a caricature by cartoonist Arnie Bermudez.
    courtesy, a Gannett CompanySmith, in a caricature by cartoonist Arnie Bermudez.

On Thursday's edition:

We began our show from the office of Nesci and St. Louis with DUI defense attorney Jim Nesci.

9 min: We were joined by former Tucson Citizen editor Mark Kimble, Tucson Weekly writer Jim Nintzel and KVOI talk show host Emil Franzi to remember the life and work of oft-fired and always admired Tucson journalist Jeff Smith, who died this week at the age of 67. A longtime contributor to the John C. Scott Show, Smith wrote at various times for the Tucson Citizen (twice), Tucson Weekly, Daily Star and New Times.

39 min: Up next was Middle East expert Prof. Stephen Zunes, who updated our listeners on the latest news out of the Middle East, including Yemen, Egypt, Syria and Israel.

61 min: We then interviewed Tucson Weekly Editor Dan Gibson, who gave a review of this week's edition of alt-weekly.

76 min: We finished the show with Jim Nesci, who took calls and answered questions related to driving under the influence, including information about alcohol, marijuana, prescription drugs and fatigue. Nesci discussed the penalties and consequences of a DUI conviction.

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