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J.C. Scott: The changing face of journalism

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John C. Scott

J.C. Scott: The changing face of journalism

On Tuesday's edition:

6 min: We started the show with Arizona Democratic gubernatorial candidate Fred DuVal, who laid out what he believes are the top issues in the race for governor, including job creation, education and Medicaid expansion.

33 min: Next up was's Dylan Smith, who talked about the announced sales of the Washington Post and Boston Globe and what that means to the changing face of journalism around the world. He also talked about the hiring of Farhad Moghimi as the new executive director of the Regional Transportation Authority and Pima Association of Government, and a court ruling ordering TUSD to release the names of superintendent finalists.

56 min: KVOI talk show host and Southern Arizona News Examiner Editor Emil Franzi continued our conversation on the decline of print publications in America.

66 min: KVOI talk show host Joe Dreyfuss joined John and Emil to talk about community outrage after three men were cited in the killing of a mountain lion at Colossal Cave Park.

84 min: We finished the show with Arizona Capitol Times Editor Jim Small, who covered President Barack Obama's trip to Phoenix on Wednesday, Will Cardon's announcement that he'll run for Arizona Secretary of State and a legal challenge to a new Senate appointee.

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