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Incumbents in lead in Sahuarita Town Council race

Incumbents in lead in Sahuarita Town Council race

The three incumbents led the vote late Tuesday for Sahuarita Town Council, with challenger Lora Rodriguez-Nastase in fourth in a race for three open seats.

Councilwoman Deborah Morales had 3,478 votes to Mayor Tom Murphy's 3,470. Vice Mayor Kara Egbert had 3,137, with Rodriguez-Nastase at 2,563.

It's too early to determine whether Rodriguez-Nastase's numbers will force a runoff in November.

Morales has served on the council for two years and previously worked for the town in its Building Safety department and was a police dispatcher.

Murphy has been on the council since 2013; he was appointed mayor in 2016 and has held the position ever since.

Egbert was elected to the council in 2009, and again in 2013. She was appointed as vice mayor in 2018.

Nastase is a self-employed customer service representative doing contract work for a financial services company assisting small-business owners. She has also done a variety of community work in Sahuarita.

Joining the council with a two-year seat is Diane Priolo, who ran unchallenged and was appointed to the vacant seat of council member Melissa Hicks in June, serving up through the primary.

Voters do not elect a mayor. Instead, council members will pick a mayor and vice mayor from among themselves at the first meeting after the general election is canvassed by the county, likely in December.

This report was originally published by the Green Valley News.

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