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J.C. Scott: Dems say HB 2305 is GOP voter suppression

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J.C. Scott: Dems say HB 2305 is GOP voter suppression

On Thursday's edition:

We started Tucson Weekly Editor Dan Gibson, who gave a review of this week's edition of the alt-weekly.

29 min: Pima County Democratic Party Chairman Don Jorgensen talked about his party's opposition to HB 2305, which they say is a Republican attempt to suppress minority and elderly voters. He also gave his thoughts on the Tucson pension initiative, the Medicaid expansion referendum and upcoming city elections.

51 min: Next up was Mark Stegeman, a member of the TUSD Governing Board, who talked about Thursday's release of school letter grades and AIMS scores from the Arizona Department of Education. He also addressed desegregation and multicultural curriculum proposals.

70 min: We were joined by KVOI General Manager Doug Martin, who voiced his support for continued and expanded operation at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base.

81 min: We finished with Arizona Capitol Times reporter Hand Stephenson, who commented on voter fraud, voter suppression, the Medicaid expansion referendum and challenges to campaign contribution legislation.

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