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J.C. Scott: State election laws face challenges

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John C. Scott

J.C. Scott: State election laws face challenges

On Thursday's edition:

We began the show with Andrew Morrill of the Arizona Education Association, who discussed a State of Arizona court challenge to a voter-approved inflation related funding mechanism, along with the relationship between business and property taxes and per-pupil funding.

23 min: We were joined by Arizona Capitol Times reporter Hank Stephenson, who talked about new election laws and the various challenges they face.

40 min: Tucson Weekly Editor Dan Gibson gave a review of this week's issue of the alt-weekly publication.

51 min: Bill Carnegie of the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona recently announced his retirement at the end of the year. We talked about how the rise in poverty in Southern Arizona has impacted the way the food bank delivers its services.

72 min: We were joined by the Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne, who talked about cases his office is involved in, including an EPA lawsuit, election laws and abortion law. He also talked about funding for his Southern Arizona office being cut by $1.2 million and the discussion by state lawmakers over revisiting Arizona's "Stand Your Ground" law.

87 min; We finished with Republican state Rep. Ethan Orr (LD9), who talked about legislation to benefit the joint technological education districts (JTEDs) around the state. He thanked Sen. Kimberly Yee for leading the effort, and talked about the ups and downs of this year's contentious legislative session.

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