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J.C. Scott: CD3 candidate Mercer and sheriff candidate Frederick

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John C. Scott Show

J.C. Scott: CD3 candidate Mercer and sheriff candidate Frederick

Republican congressional candidate in CD3 Gabriela Saucedo Mercer talked about her run against 10-year incumbent Raúl Grijalva. Mercer thinks a Hispanic Republican can win in what many consider a Democratic stronghold. She talked about jobs, support for troops and veterans, health care, immigration and border protection. Mercer also addressed a recent controversial comment she made about Americans on food stamps.

Terry Frederick, a GOP candidate for Pima County sheriff, faces four other Republicans in the primary. He believes he is the best choice for sheriff because he is the only Republican candidate who has worked for the office. He said he believes nepotism exists within the department. He also talked about white collar and cyber-crime, the training of personnel to better deal with mental health and drug-related issues.

Financial expert Shelly Fishman took a look at the recession and the effect it has had on people's ability to retire. He also gave a recap of the performance of the stock market over the last week and his opinion of where the markets are going.

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