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J.C. Scott: Az Supreme Court refuses Clean Elections case

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John C. Scott

J.C. Scott: Az Supreme Court refuses Clean Elections case

On Wednesday's edition:

We started the show with Ward 2 Tucson City Councilman Paul Cunningham, who talked about private management of the Tucson Convention Center, Pima County bond election requests, proposals for boutique hotels in downtown and Sun Link streetcar construction. He finished with comments on the Sustainable Retirement Benefits Act being placed on the November city ballot.

28 min: We were joined by Daniel Ruiz, interim executive director of the state Clean Election Commission, who addressed the Arizona Supreme Court's decision to turn away without comment a lawsuit that aimed to block an increase in state campaign contribution limits.

41 min: Next up was Tucson Padres General Manager Mike Feder, who previewed this weekend's four-night home stand. Feder also talked about what he thinks it might take to bring baseball back to Southern Arizona after the Padres leave for El Paso following this season.

52 min: We talk with Southern Arizona News Examiner's Emil Franzi, who gave his take on the possibility that Arizona will revisit the "Stand your Ground" law, the congressional debate on immigration reform, the state of the Arizona Republican Party and its ability to hold onto state-wide elected offices.

80 min: We were joined by financial advisor Shelly Fishman for his weekly segment "Your Financial Future." Fishman and John discussed President Obama's speech that focused on the economy. The president vowed to help the middle class; the question being, "What can he get through Congress?"

93 min: We finished the show with Good News Communications GM Doug Martin, who talked about the community charity work that work that KVOI and Good News Communications are involved in, including an effort to get seniors involved the many nonprofit organizations that need help. Go to for more information.

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