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J.C. Scott: Downtown expenditures questioned

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J.C. Scott: Downtown expenditures questioned

Developer Richard Studwell questioned money spent on the Stenfield warehouse, Rio Nuevo's proposed purchase of the Manning House, restoring the Marist College building, the cost of a back up Sun Link streetcar, and a $100 million bond to pay for road construction.

Mohur Sarah Sidhwa, a Democratic candidate for state House in LD9, talked about her run for office. Her issues are jobs, education, helping small business succeed, health care infrastructure and security for the very young, the ill, the frail and mentally ill.

Professor Stephen Zunes, a Middle East expert, talked about instability in Syria and the threat to use chemical and biological weapons on foreign attackers, including possible intervention by Israel. He also spoke of Israeli President Shimon Peres' statement that Israel is in an "open war" with Iran.

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