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Second zoo giraffe stable after eating oleander

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Second zoo giraffe stable after eating oleander

20-year-old female survives after death of male

  • One of Reid Park Zoo's giraffes in 2010.
    hmmlargeart/Flickr One of Reid Park Zoo's giraffes in 2010.

A giraffe who ingested oleander cuttings at the Reid Park Zoo was in stable condition Thursday, said the zoo’s curator of education. Another giraffe who also ate the plant died Tuesday.

Denver, a 20-year-old female who is one of three surviving giraffes at the zoo, was drinking water and walking around, but not eating, Vivian VanPeenen said Thursday morning.

Watoto, a 6-year-old and the zoo's lone male giraffe, died Tuesday after the pair were fed the cuttings by an apprentice zookeeper that morning.

Oleander is toxic to some animals and is found around the zoo and the city.

"Denver is stable today. There hasn't been much change, but she is drinking and defecating," VanPeenen said.

“She's not eating normally yet, but she is more interested in food.” she said.

VanPeenen said Denver remains under careful watch by veterinarians.

"She's not off our list of concerns yet," she said.

The zoo’s other giraffes, Elinor and Texas, did not eat the cuttings.

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