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Christopher Cole, longtime Tucson Libertarian, dead at 69

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Christopher Cole, longtime Tucson Libertarian, dead at 69

  • Christopher Cole
    courtesy Grace St. Paul's Episcopal ChurchChristopher Cole

Christopher Cole, a leader in the Pima County Libertarian Party, died this week at age 69.

Cole, born in October 1949 in Indianapolis, Ind., died Tuesday at his home, according to an announcement by his church, Grace St. Paul's Episcopal. One of his brothers confirmed his death.

Cole, at various times the chairman and first vice-chair of the local Libertarians, was a frequent presence at government meetings, from the Board of Supervisors and City Council to various boards and commissions. Whether the officials offered a call to the audience or not, Cole was likely to make his opinions known, at the very least to those sitting next to him.

Cole, an Air Force veteran who served in Vietnam, moved to Tucson in 1988 after retiring from the military, having served 20 years. He was an avionics technician, last stationed at Plattsburgh (N.Y.) Air Force Base.

He is survived by two younger brothers, Walter and Eugene, and was preceded in death by his brother, Danny.

He was an active member of his church, carrying the flag during processions and patriotic events.

A date for a memorial service has not yet been set.

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