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J.C. Scott: Mayor Rothschild shares his '360 Plan'

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J.C. Scott: Mayor Rothschild shares his '360 Plan'

Mayor Jonathan Rothschild talked about his "360 Plan"—a set of goals for the next year. He also discussed a recent City Council vote to rehab the Marist College property downtown, and gave his thoughts about the city's relationship with the Rio Nuevo Board.

A Republican candidate for Pima County sheriff, Chester Manning, shared his platform, including enforcement of SB 1070, responsible fiscal administration of the department, and reform of the way the Pima County Jail is run.

Mike Hellon, a GOP candidate for the Pima County Board of Supervisors from District 1,  said he is not yet ready to support a bond issue by the county. He talked about taxes, debt, streets, jobs and economic development.

Terry Dee, the  manager of the Habistore, joined John throughout the show to talk about the work that Habitat for Humanity and the Habistore do in Tucson and worldwide

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