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Note: This story is more than 5 years old.

Babeu tip prompts some to plan blockade of Oracle migrant kids' shelter

Some residents of Oracle are planning a Tuesday blockade of a new shelter for unaccompanied undocumented children, called after Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu told organizers about the facility near the small town north of Tucson.

Speaking Monday night, Babeu raised questions about the children's possible affiliation with the notorious MS-13 gang, and the chance they might spread disease.

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Echoing the protest that shut down the transfer of women and children to a shelter in Murrieta, Calif., last week, some area residents are planning a protest on Mt. Lemmon Road, four miles east of Oracle, starting at 7 a.m.

A counter-protest, organized to send a message of support for the migrant children, will meet at Oracle's post office starting at 6:30 a.m.

Ron Thompson, a three-year resident of Oracle, is organizing the protest against the shelter, along with Robert Skiba.

"I'd like to protect America, but I realize that's a big chore, so I just want to protect our community," said Thompson, who is calling for the protest because he believes that the unaccompanied children fleeing violence in Central America are carrying diseases he fears will create a pandemic.

On Friday, the Pima County Health Department released a report stating that migrant kids and families were not a public health threat. Yet, Thompson remains unconvinced.

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"The federal government is not doing its job and it makes me sick that this is something we're going to have to suffer through," he said. 

Skiba, a 56-year resident of Oracle, was told about the facility by Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu on Thursday, during a campaign event for Christine Jones, a Republican candidate for governor.

Babeu was "giving a speech on immigration and he turned to me and said Bob, they're coming to you," Skiba said.

Skiba calls himself a community activist and that's why Babeu made sure to focus on him during the luncheon, Skiba said. The two met in 2008 when Skiba helped Babeu become sheriff, he said.

Once he knew about the facility's new contract with the federal government, Skiba presented the information to a political group in the area on Saturday and started planning a response.

Skiba told Breitbart News that he hoped to turn the children away.

"We're going to mobilize and we're going to do the best we can to stop this from happening," Robert Skiba told the website. "We're prepared for whatever happens. If they want to send in the SWAT team, armored cars, helicopters, let them do it. We'll have the media out there."

The Sycamore Canyon Academy is the proposed site for 40-60 migrant children, according to a news release from the Pinal County Sheriff's Office.

In the release, Babeu criticized the federal government's handling of this summer's influx of unaccompanied minors from Central America.

"We already have our hands full fighting the drug cartels and human smugglers. We don't need unaccompanied juveniles from Central America being flown into Arizona compliments of President Obama," Babeu said.

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Illegal immigration is already big business in Pinal County.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement has five permanent facilities in Pinal County in which suspected illegal immigrants are detained:

  • Central Arizona Correctional Center
  • Eloy Detention Center
  • Florence Correctional Center
  • Florence SPC
  • Pinal County Adult Detention Center

Two immigration courts also operate in Babeu's county, in Eloy and Florence.

The sheriff, whose hard-line border stance was the center of a 2012 congressional run abandoned when his personal life became an issue with right-wing backers and his campaign was investigated for violations of the Hatch Act, acknowledged the protests and said his officers would be there to "ensure the peace in these lawful assemblies."

"Local residents have every right to be upset and to protest. Our federal government has failed to enforce any immigration laws," Babeu said in the release.

During a Jones campaign event focused on border issues in Saddlebrooke on Monday night, Babeu said he need to be "fair and neutral" as a law enforcement officer, but he also argued that the juveniles coming through Oracle could be affiliated with the notorious El Salvadoran street-gang MS-13, and may carry serious diseases.

"My concern as a sheriff is to protect the 5,000 people" in Oracle, Babeu said. "I don't know who these people are."

Babeu said he had written letters and called federal officials at Homeland Security, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and Health and Human Services.

"Guess what I heard back. Nothing," he said.

"I'm highly insulted as a sheriff, that the federal government has been completely silent and done this in secret." said Babeu, "All this information was reported by whistle-blowers and what's disconcerting for me and for the public is that no information is being shared."

"I have legitimate law enforcement concerns, I want to know who these people are, what their affiliations are and their criminal activity in their countries of origin," he said.

On the possibilities of disease, he left it as an open question. "I don't know the issues of public health," he said. "I don't know, but I have a concern." 

Babeu reminded the crowd that they had a legal right to protest, but said his deputies would arrest people if they blocked the road or otherwise failed to follow a legal order. 

A second protest is planned for Saturday in front of a planned shelter at the Peppersauce Campground starting at 8 a.m.

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Jul 15, 2014, 1:19 pm
-1 +0


Yes, the the Statue of Liberty says all of that stuff. And, it isn’t BS. What the statue apparently also now says, and I must have missed it, is the part where it says “Disobey our laws. Disrespect our sovereignty. Shit all over the accomplishments of those who immigrated the correct and legal way and earned their way in (or are currently working to do so)  and just sneak in and then claim you’re somehow entitled to stay.”

What you and the rest of the open borders crowd seem unable to comprehend is that opening the flood gates and letting the whole world in without regard to who they are, what they are, how many there are, or what they may or may not be bringing with them is grossly irresponsible to say the least and would have disastrous consequences in so many different ways. This is why immigration laws are there. They exist for very good reasons. They are not “broken”, they have just been unused. If current laws are enforced then we’re all better off.

There is nothing racist, hateful, mean-spirited, uncivil, angry, or vitriolic about this position whatsoever. It is responsibility based on logic and realism. It is based on the desire to look after our own first, a desire we should all share but unfortunately do not. The needs of a United States citizen (or LEGAL resident) trumps that of a foreigner, every time all the time.

Jul 15, 2014, 8:46 am
-2 +1

I’m not too interested in what the bible says. And, perhaps you should look up the definition of “foreigners”.

You, nor anyone else reading this, would give away your own stuff if you were having a difficult time feeding your own family (If you would, then there is something very wrong with you.) We really need to start adopting this attitude on a national level.

There are far too many idiots spewing misinformation about how that conditions in other countries are somehow our fault or that they’re our responsibility to fix or that we owe border jumpers something…none of those things are true, and the sooner we get right with that, the better off our country will be.

Tea4 reported:

Bret, is that what it says in the bible? Help the poor, sick, and the helpless only when you have enough stuff yourself? We’re talking children, not “foreigners.” By the way, maybe we should give back the Statue of Liberty since we’re completely over what she symbolizes.

Jul 14, 2014, 6:17 pm
-3 +2

I believe the protestors have a point. We have plenty of homegrown problems to deal with, and plenty of our own people to help before we start taking in others. This entire immigration issue had already grown to be far out of hand even before this latest influx.

Only when every American man (especially veterans), woman, and child has everything they need, then and only then should we be looking at taking in others and sending aid to foreign nations.

It has always sickened me to see so many of my own countrymen (including my president) so worried about the plight of foreigners while being so indifferent to the suffering of so many of our own people right here at home. And, it disgusts me that many of of those call me a racist for feeling the way that I do. Unbelievable.

I honestly believe we are living through the stupidest time in our nation’s history. And, yes, I am including the Civil War when I say this.

Sorry, we missed your input...

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