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JC Scott: McSally hits her stride

From the archive: This story is more than 10 years old.

John C. Scott Show

JC Scott: McSally hits her stride

CD2 Republican candidate Martha McSally talked about the progress she is making in her bid for Congress. She discussed reforming the health care plan if it can't be repealed and the fiscal state of our country. Her issues are jobs, immigration and the environment. John asked her about the role of pioneering women in our country. She also talked about the challenges of fundraising.

Nancy Young Wright, a Democratic candidate for Pima County supervisor in District 1, talked to John about her campaign. Her issues are the environment, jobs, roads, law enforcement, water resources and parks. She also talked about her opposition to the propsoed Rosemont copper mine.

Jim Nintzel joined John for our "Tucson Weekly on Radio" segment.

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