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Portions of Coronado National Forest reopen

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Portions of Coronado National Forest reopen

Fire restrictions remain in effect

Areas of three ranger districts in the Coronado National Forest reopened Tuesday after closing due to fire danger, according to a National Forest spokeswoman.

Portions of the Douglas, Nogales and Safford districts reopened, but remain under stage II fire restrictions, as do all previously open areas of the forest, said spokeswoman Heidi Schewel.

In the Douglas District, the Chiracahua Mountains remain closed due to potential flooding and road stabilization following the Horseshoe 2 fire. Some roads are open for public use and include:

  • F.R. 42, east of Onion Saddle
  • F.R. 42A (Herb Martyr Road)
  • F.R. 42B, between Portal and Paradise
  • F.R. 42 D, between Onion Saddle and Barfoot Junction
  • F.R. 357, from Barfoot Junction to Barfoot Park
  • F.R. 622, South Fork of Cave Creek (pedestrians only)
  • F.R. 74, Tex Canyon to Rucker Canyon Road
  • Silver Peak Trail
  • Vista Point Trail
  • Cave Creek Nature Trail
  • Crystal Cave Trail

Portions of the Nogales District have reopened, but Peña Blanca Lake remains closed, as does F.R. 39 from S.R. 289, at the lake, to F.R. 4189, east of Ruby.

The Safford District is now open.

All open areas of the forest are under stage II fire restrictions — in effect until Monday, unless lifted earlier — and prohibit:

  • Using fire, including campfires, the use of charcoal or wood-burning stoves. Petroleum-fueled stoves, lanterns and heating devices are allowed;
  • Smoking, except within and enclosed vehicle or building in a developed area or while stopped in an area at least 3 feet in diameter barren of of flammable materials;
  • Using explosives;
  • Operating an internal-combustion engine, except in vehicles;
  • Welding or operating acetylene or other open-flame torches;
  • Possessing or operating a vehicle off forest roads, except in parking areas barren of vegetation within 10 feet of the road;
  • Discharging firearms, except in a lawful hunting.

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