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JC Scott: 'Open primary' initiative discussed in detail

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John C. Scott Show

JC Scott: 'Open primary' initiative discussed in detail

Former legislator Ted downing, architect of the "Open Primary" initiative, joined John for a detailed look at the proposed changes in election law. Opponents are lining up, lead by Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery.

Democratic LD 11 state Senate candidate Jo Holt talked about her run for office. Her top issues are the economy, education, jobs, heath care and individual liberties.

Financial expert Shelly Fishman—just back from a trip to Russia—shared his view of investing in emerging markets like that country, along with a review of the U.S. stock market performance over the last 2 weeks. He also talked about the power of the dollar overseas and some of the hidden costs of travel, such as taking a cell phone with you.

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