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Pot smugglers lose load driving around checkpoint

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Pot smugglers lose load driving around checkpoint

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Border Patrol agents seized a pickup truck loaded with 1,216 pounds of marijuana worth about $608,000 after the driver bypassed the Arivaca checkpoint two weeks ago, the agency said.

Border agents patrolling in Amado responded to a suspicious vehicle driving cross-country through a local ranch just south of the checkpoint June 27. Agents saw a green Dodge truck break through a barbed-wire fence before driving onto the road near them, according to a statement released Wednesday.

Agents attempted to follow the truck, which was being driven erratically. The pickup came to an abrupt stop in a nearby neighborhood, and the occupants fled from the scene, the unsigned statement said.

The truck's occupants were not found, but in their escape they abandoned 55 bundles of marijuana. The truck was seized and the marijuana was turned over to the DEA.

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